Colin Trevorrow: Star Wars 9 Will Be 'A Film That You'll Appreciate'

Director Colin Trevorrow comes out and promises great things from his Star Wars: Episode IX, even amongst claims from fans and critics that he may be the wrong choice for the job. The filmmaker has been facing heavy amounts of criticisms after his latest film, The Book of Henry, was met with widespread negative reviews, some of which called it one of the worst movies to be released in recent memory. Rumors of Lucasfilm possibly replacing Trevorrow with another director for Star Wars: Episode IX were quick to be thrown around in the fallout of Henry's release, and as time has gone on, fans have grown more and more skeptical of Trevorrow as the director on the film.

It's understandable for fans to be concerned since Episode IX will, after all, be the conclusion to the current main trilogy of the Star Wars saga, bringing an end to the story and characters established in both The Force Awakens and this year's The Last Jedi. And with excitement and early positive word of mouth for The Last Jedi only growing the more about it is released - the uncertainty surrounding Trevorrow's Episode IX has become a constant point of discussion amongst the Star Wars fandom.

But Trevorrow has finally broken his silence on the matter, explaining why he hopes fans can rest easy knowing he's the right filmmaker for Episode IX. While recently speaking with THR about the film, in light of both The Book of Henry's negative reviews and the recent directorial shakeup of the Young Han Solo movie, Trevorrow talked about his goals with Episode IX, saying the following:

"Not only did I grow up on these stories, like all of us did, [but] I think that the values of Star Wars are values that I hold very close and very dear in my life. I feel that the message of the way that the Force teaches you to treat other people and show respect for others, and the way it guides you through life, is really important to me. And I hope everybody would realize that that set of stories has affected me as deeply in my life as it has affected them.

I think the challenge for me is to recognize that everyone has their own personal relationship with these stories, and it’s different depending on who you are. And I need to make a film that you’ll appreciate, even if your experience with it was different, which is making something that will be deeply emotionally resonant and satisfying for people all around the world. And I think about it a lot."

While Trevorrow's last film might not have been the pre-Star Wars boost that he and fans may have been hoping for, it's still easy to see why Disney and Lucasfilm were, and still are, comfortable with having him at the helm of Episode IX. Not only did he direct one of the most financially successful films of all time in Jurassic World - which also received mostly positive reviews upon its release - the director's first full-fledged feature film, Safety Not Guaranteed, turned out to be one of the most well-reviewed independent movies to hit theaters in 2012.

Now, it's definitely not going to be easy for Trevorrow - assuming that Rian Johnson manages to fully deliver with The Last Jedi - to pick up where both Johnson and J.J. Abrams left off, which is something that even Trevorrow himself appears to be aware of right now. But he's also working with some of the most talented production departments and creative voices in the entire entertainment industry at Disney and Lucasfilm, who should all have a hand in helping him craft a satisfying and entertaining final film in this trilogy. There's no guarantee, of course, but Trevorrow's passion and experience should, hopefully, be enough to calm at least some of the more fervent naysayers.

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Source: THR

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