• A stunning new piece of Star Wars fan art has Rey embracing her inner Lizzo. 1 / 11

  • Lizzo is of course the singer-songwriter who recently stole the show at the VMAs. 2 / 11

    Lizzo MTV VMA Performance Vertical TLDR
  • Rey, meanwhile, has served as the main protagonist in the latest Star Wars trilogy. 3 / 11

    Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker Trailer - Rey on Desert Planet Vertical
  • The most recent trailer for Episode IX, however, teased a different side to Rey. 4 / 11

  • In the footage's closing moments, the character was revealed in distinctively Sith-esque attire... 5 / 11

    Rey Double Lightsaber Vertical
  • ...and was armed with a new weapon of choice. 6 / 11

  • Fans have pointed out the similarities between her new look and Darth Maul. 7 / 11

  • The piece uses Lizzo's lyrics to posit Rey's turn as because of DNA test results... 8 / 11

    Dark Rey Fan Art The Rise of Skywalker TLDR
  • ...which reveal her as "100% that b*itch...or, in this case, that Sith. 9 / 11

  • Fans will know what's really the case when The Rise of Skywalker finally hits theaters. 10 / 11

    Rise of Skywalker Poster Vertical
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