Fake Star Wars 9 Crawl Pokes Fun at The Last Jedi Complaints

A fan-made opening crawl for Star Wars: Episode IX erases most of the controversial moments from Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi. Rian Johnson's 2017 sequel to J.J. Abrams' Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens was met with widespread critical acclaim. And while it's gone on to achieve box office success, it's not as extensively beloved as the statistics would have people believe. The Last Jedi has its fair share of detractors, many of whom disagreed with Johnson's decisions with the film's twists and turns.

Aside from story objections, Star Wars fans' chief complaints about The Last Jedi primarily centered on Johnson's character choices. For instance, Rey's lack of belonging played an integral role in The Force Awakens, and her intention in uncovering the truth about who she is became the impetus for her story in The Last Jedi. That journey ultimately concluded with her discovering the sad truth that she's, actually, no one. She comes from nothing and has no part in the Skywalker saga (but Rey's lineage isn't what matters). Furthermore, the untimely demise of both Snoke and Luke Skywalker irked many fans who felt the two characters hadn't been fully developed (or utilized properly) just yet. And now, a fan-made opening crawl for Episode IX aims to fix all those grievances.

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Nerdist created their own opening crawl for J.J. Abrams' Star Wars: Episode IX that strives to correct all the problems fans had with The Last Jedi. You can watch the video in the section above.

Star Wars Episode IX Theories

Right off the bat, Episode IX is subtitled A New Rebellion - a possible Star Wars 9 title that isn't far off from our own suggestions. The crawl starts out somewhat normal before diving into the corrections. If this crawl was real, Luke Skywalker would still be alive. It claims that the Luke that died at the end of Episode VIII was actually a clone. Furthermore, Rose and Chewbacca would become best friends and travel to Tatooine together to discover that Rey's parents are actually Phasma and Boba Fett. Plus, Snoke would return as a Sith Force ghost and battle the Knights of Ren, all while Luke "force slams tons of AT-ATs to the ground because he can."

As if all that wasn't enough, the opening crawl does leave some room for Nien Nunb fans who finally get to see the character in action, in addition to having him explain why no one ever used lightspeed to destroy ships before Admiral Holdo did in Last Jedi. While this Star Wars: Episode IX opening crawl isn't real, that doesn't mean there aren't details in it that fans would certainly like to see come to fruition.

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Source: Nerdist

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