Star Wars 8: Will Rey AND Kylo Ren Betray Their Masters?

Could Star Wars: The Last Jedi contain not one, but two Force apprentices turning their backs on their teachers and going rogue? If that last trailer was anything to go by, such a twist may not be as crazy as it sounds.

The second trailer was jam-packed was seemingly spoiler-y reveals, from Finn's epic-looking showdown with Captain Phasma to the most meme-worthy Porg you could ever hope to see. We won't know just how much of the film's plot was actually revealed until Episode VII hits theaters in December, of course, though director Rian Johnson's recent comments about how much of a say he has in the marketing campaign are certainly of some comfort. Nevertheless, fans will be pouring over every second of footage for weeks to come, hoping to catch something everyone else missed and perhaps crack the mysteries surrounding the most highly anticipated movie of 2018.

If you've been keeping up with the big screen adventures in the Star Wars universe over the years, you’re more than aware that Force users aren’t always the most loyal folks around. From classic allegiance swaps like Anakin Skywalker to more recent switcheroos like Kylo Ren, the galaxy far, far away appears to be a breeding ground for betrayal. One of the more popular fan theories surrounding The Last Jedi has been the possible reveal that Luke Skywalker himself will turn to dark side...or that he already has. While the idea of Star Wars’ greatest hero following in his father’s footsteps and breaking bad is a disconcerting thought for many, it’s not entirely out of the question at this point. But based on what we’ve seen so far, the fact that Luke abandoned the galaxy during the rise of the First Order will probably be the worst thing we’ll learn about him in this new trilogy. A more likely scenario (and one that would make a lot more sense in the context of the story) is the possibility that his new pupil Rey could turn against him, and that her current arch-nemesis Kylo Ren may follow suit. Hell, they might even team up.

Why Rey Could Turn Against Luke

Mark Hamill as Luke and Daisy Ridley as Rey in Star Wars The Last Jedi

We’ve known for some time now that Luke Skywalker’s exile was self-imposed, so the fact that he isn’t too eager to take on a new Padawan and potentially restart the Jedi Order isn’t exactly a shocker. After seemingly getting past this reluctance and lending Rey a bit of sorely needed Force guidance, Luke gets a better sense of the raw power his new companion possesses — and it scares the hell out of him. The fear of repeating the same mistakes he made in the past with Kylo Ren could well lead to him rejecting her, refusing to take their training any further.

Of course, the real source of the ‘Rey will be tempted by the dark side’ fire stems from the final frames of the latest trailer, which may be looking to mislead fans by directly implying that her apparent rejection by Luke leads her to seek out Kylo Ren for guidance. It’s almost certainly not going to be quite that straightforward; after all, this is the guy that super recently killed the closest thing she’s ever had to a father figure (RIP Han Solo). Rey’s seen the evils that the First Order is capable of first-hand, so it’s hard to imagine that she’ll be looking to sign up with these guys any time soon. Also, upon closer inspection, that extended hand bit at the end looks to be a clever bit of editing on the marketing team’s behalf, but nothing more. Rey and Kylo’s respective backgrounds don’t seem to line up, but hey, that’s just our take.

Still, Luke’s rejection is a dangerous one. And beyond that, it’s also possible that Rey picks up on the aging Skywalker’s faults, recognizing that his way may not be the best way. Sure, his resume does sport “directly responsible for the fall of an evil empire”, but that was decades ago. He hasn’t exactly been a glowing beacon of hope in the years since. Unless The Last Jedi provides a really good explanation for why Luke sat back and watched the First Order take over the galaxy, Rey has more than enough reason to turn her back on the fallen Jedi and look to forge her own path.

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