New Star Wars: The Last Jedi Trailer Coming In October? [UPDATED]

UPDATE: Mark Hamill has tweeted he now has "no idea" when the next Last Jedi trailer will premiere. The original article follows


Mark Hamill has teased fans with a possible premiere date for the second trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi. As was the case with its predecessor, The Force Awakens, Lucasfilm has kept marketing down to a minimum for the highly-anticipated sequel. The only bits of footage to be revealed thus far are a teaser that debuted at Celebration Orlando back in April and a behind-the-scenes sizzle reel that was shown at D23. While viewers are eager to learn and see more, many are in agreement it's better Lucasfilm keeps things so secretive - preserving the surprises of what's in store come December.

Still, with roughly three months to go until The Last Jedi hits theaters, the studio is going to piece together one final promotional push to drum up the hype. Of course, this will include a new theatrical preview, and moviegoers are anxious to know when they'll get another look at director Rian Johnson's film. As it turns out, they won't have to wait too long, as it sounds like something is in the cards in the next couple of weeks.

In a tweet that has since been deleted (via Star Wars News Net), Hamill responded to a fan wondering about a new trailer, saying, "Watch Monday Night Football on October 9th- for no reason in particular." Some will recall the final Episode VII trailer first aired on ESPN's Monday Night Football broadcast in October 2015, so it's only logical for The Last Jedi to follow suit. After all, Lucasfilm has been following the Force Awakens promotional playbook step-for-step for Last Jedi, meaning they're not going to deviate now.

Star Wars The Last Jedi teaser trailer - Kylo Ren

Because Hamill took down his post, it is difficult to gauge its validity. However, the deletion arguably makes it all the more plausible. Lucasfilm likes to release new information about their films on their own terms, and they're usually quick to dispose of any leaks that pop up before they're ready. Odds are, the studio has a "special announcement" planned for the near future and Hamill spilled the beans a little early. If October 9 was truly a random date the actor came up with on the spot, his tweet would probably still be up. The actor is (in)famous for some good-natured trolling on social media - especially when it comes to the galaxy far, far away. In those instances (like when his Pop Culture Quest show teased a look at its own Episode VIII), Lucasfilm didn't mind. It's somewhat telling this was the Hamill tweet that took things a step too far.

Along with Johnson, Hamill recently advised fans to avoid further marketing for The Last Jedi in an effort to avoid spoilers, but he knows the Star Wars fan base all too well. Hamill understands that while some people will gladly go into the theater in the dark, the temptation to watch new footage from the movie will be too great for millions of others who are impatiently counting down the days. Plus, the modern Star Wars trailers have earned a reputation for not revealing any of the juiciest details, so it should be safe to check out the new preview - whenever it does come out.

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Source: Mark Hamill (via Star Wars News Net)

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