Star Wars 8 Toy Leak Hints At Kylo Ren & Snoke Dialogue

Snoke's Praetorian Guards in Star Wars The Last Jedi

More toy leaks for Star Wars: The Last Jedi highlight the special Force Link figures that supposedly "speak" phrases from the actual movie. At this point, Lucasfilm would probably be best served moving Force Friday up a couple of weeks, seeing that everything from Hasbro's first wave of action figures to plush porgs have already made their way into stores ahead of time, showcasing the new product lines for the studio's various licensing partners. Fortunately, since these are official toys that are part of the marketing campaign, no massive spoilers have been revealed, but the leaks have uncovered some details about the film and possible story developments.

For The Last Jedi, Hasbro appears to be offering an updated spin on the old Commtech figures from The Phantom Menace with an item called the Force Link bracelet. When activated, the technology allows for action figures and vehicles to make film-accurate sound effects to enhance one's playtime. Apparently, they also include snippets of dialogue that may have been taken from Episode VIII.

A television spot for the new toys has made its way online (watch it above), using "real movie phrases" and "battle action sounds" as selling points for Force Link. Most of the effects are fairly standard (Chewbacca roars, a lightsaber ignites), but the commercial also includes the Kylo Ren figure that says, "The darkness guides me." Star Wars News Net also has an image of the BB-8 play set (which unfolds to show Supreme Leader Snoke's Mega Star Destroyer) packaging, and that also has some phrases, which we've listed in the space below. It is not known who speaks what line.

Click for BB-8 Play Set Packaging Image

  • "I have been expecting you."
  • "The Resistance is doomed..."
  • "Crew member trapped! Send in the rescue team!"
  • "Crush the intruders!"
  • "The prisoner is ready for your interrogation"
  • "You're going to the cells!"

SWNN also had a comprehensive breakdown of the BB-8 play set, labeling what is on each level. At the top is Snoke's throne room, with a hangar deck directly below. The mid-section contains a firing canon, a trap door, a lightspeed tracking room (potentially how Kylo learns the location of Luke Skywalker and Rey), and a collapsing catwalk. The lower level is home to the garrison corridor, trash compactor, detention block, and interrogation chair. It's been rumored that Finn and Rose's undercover mission involves them infiltrating a First Order Star Destroyer, so perhaps the phrases making reference to intruders and prisoners are from when the Resistance fighters break in and are captured. At this point, it's difficult to say for sure.

Fans would be smart to remember that these are toys connected to Episode VIII (and not clips of movie footage), meaning it's possible these lines are the product of artistic license and not directly pulled from Johnson's screenplay. That said, the "speaking" action figures from the Force Awakens line a couple years ago matched up pretty accurately with the film. Hasbro, like so many others, is left in the dark when it comes to massive story reveals, but they're given enough material to assemble their products. With that in mind, Force Friday II could bring about some more actual Last Jedi dialogue, but nothing overtly revealing.

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Source: Star Wars News Net

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