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The first wave of toys for Star Wars: The Last Jedi have finally been released as part of Force Friday II festivities, and Hasbro's action figure line have the ability to "speak" multiple lines of dialogue from the upcoming sequel. A key feature of the products this year is Force Link, which is essentially an update of the CommTech technology that was used for the Phantom Menace toys back in 1999. With the Force Link bracelet, the Last Jedi figures can say movie-accurate phrases to enhance the experience of recreating one's favorite scenes from the movies.

Though Episode VIII writer/director Rian Johnson has said there are no spoilers in the toys, there was sure to be much interest in the Force Link expressions given how little of The Last Jedi is known at this juncture. The teaser trailer released back in April was scant on dialogue, so Force Friday II represents an opportunity for fans to get a sneak peek at what awaits them this December. While it's a distinct possibility some of these lines are not in the final cut, the "talking" action figures from The Force Awakens lined up very well with the film, so it's worth taking a look at the Force Link sayings.

Users on the website Star Wars Nonsense worked together to accumulate a list of the phrases the various figures say. We're going to run through each one-by-one and analyze what the quotes could mean within the context of the Last Jedi story.


Daisy Ridley as Rey in Star Wars The Last Jedi
  • "I feel the Force."
  • "You're going to pay for what you did."
  • "I'm not leaving without you."
  • "You will release me."
  • "I'm not giving you anything."
  • "Get out of here!"

The two most attention-grabbing here are the second and third phrases. The former sounds like it's being directed towards Kylo Ren, a person Rey has a very personal grudge with. Han Solo was a father figure to the young scavenger, and she just can't understand how someone who has parents would commit a heinous act like patricide. In the case of the latter, it could be part of a conversation she has with Luke Skywalker. Based on the behind-the-scenes sizzle reel and a LEGO set, we know Rey gets off Ahch-To and participates in the Battle of Crait. It seems as if she isn't going unless Luke goes with her and rejoins the fight. The rest are fairly standard, and "I'm not giving you anything" is a line from Rey's interrogation with Kylo Ren in Force Awakens.

Kylo Ren

Star Wars The Last Jedi teaser trailer - Kylo Ren

With TIE Silencer

  • "Get my ship ready."
  • "Darkness."
  • "Follow my lead."


  • "We're not done yet."
  • "I feel the power of the Force."
  • "I know what I have to do."
  • "You will bring Luke Skywalker to me."

For those hoping to learn more about the villain's arc in Episode VIII, these phrases are quite disappointing. Two of the ones connected to the TIE Silencer are basic commands Kylo would give to his subordinates, and half of his "unmasked" phrases are from the third act of Force Awakens. The last one, "You will bring Luke Skywalker to me," is fascinating, however, and is probably part of Kylo's confrontation with Rey. Some of the earliest Last Jedi rumors pointed to the former Ben Solo finding his way to Ahch-To, so he knows his enemies are on the remote planet.

Resistance Pilot Tallie

  • "Reporting in, squadron leader."
  • "Here they come!"
  • "Protect the bombers."

Every Star Wars movie rounds out its background cast with a handful of random pilots that get minimal screen time during an action sequence. In The Last Jedi, Tallie will be one of those characters, flying an A-wing in the Resistance. There isn't much to garner here.

Luke Skywalker

Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker in Star Wars The Last Jedi
  • "Trust your instincts."
  • "Leave this place."
  • "May the Force be with you."
  • "Come. I'll show you the true meaning of the Force."
  • "Stay back."

Luke notoriously had no lines in his brief Force Awakens appearance, so this was arguably the most anticipated figure for fans. It's great to hear Luke speak, but there isn't anything as Earth-shattering as "It's time for the Jedi to end" included in the phrases. The most tantalizing is the fourth one, since it's been revealed Ahch-To is the site of the first Jedi Temple and the trailer told us Luke learned the Force was "so much bigger" than the light and dark sides viewers know so well. To celebrate the franchise's 40th anniversary, Johnson is taking viewers all the way back to the beginnings of its most famous concept. Also, we now know Luke will be the one to say the classic "May the Force be with you" line that's a series staple.

Paige Tico

Skimmers on the planet Crait in Star Wars The Last Jedi
  • "Orders received."
  • "We have to tackle the First Order head on."
  • "My sensors are picking up TIEs. Brace yourself!"

Paige is the sister of Resistance maintenance worker Rose Tico and works as a gunner in the makeshift army. Her role should be similar to Tallie. She will probably take part in the space battle.

General Hux

General Hux in Force Awakens
  • "Fire!"
  • "Bow to the First Order."
  • "Capture the droid if we can, destroy it if we must."
  • "We shall destroy the Resistance."

Hux's phrases are about as generic one can get, with nothing new to be gleaned from them. The third quote is a line from The Force Awakens, when he was discussing the First Order's strategy to retrieve BB-8 with Kylo Ren.

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