Star Wars 8 Title Was Guessed on Reddit a Year Ago [Updated]

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[UPDATE: It turns out DeviantArt user "MrSteiners" guessed the title for Star Wars: Episode VIII even further back than Reddit user Trumundo - all the way in 2015, as it were.]

Ever since Star Wars: The Force Awakens was released in theaters, there has been rampant speculation from fans of the franchise regarding what the title and direction of the next installment is going to be. Today turned out to be the day they've been waiting almost an entire year for, with Disney and Lucasfilm's official announcement that the title of the next film will be, Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi.  With an ominous title and sinister dark red font, this seems to simultaneously confirm the rumored dark tone that writer/director Rian Johnson is going for with the next Star Wars installment.

Of course, the title both fit in with what some fans had thought Episode VIII was going to be, and was completely different than some of the other titles that they have guessed over the past year or so. It looks like The Last Jedi may have fit in perfectly with at least one fans' predictions, however.

Spotted by Uproxx's Mike Ryan, it turns out that The Last Jedi was actually guessed to be the Episode VIII title one year ago by Reddit user Trumundo - who amongst some others, listed it as one of their picks for the film's title:

Someone on Reddit guessed the Episode VIII title a year ago.

— Mike Ryan (@mikeryan) January 23, 2017


Now, with just how many guesses were thrown out by fans in the time between The Force Awakens' release and today, someone was basically bound to get it right at some point. Considering that a majority of the predictions used either "Revenge" or "Return" in their titles, however, it is commendable that the user was able to branch out from the common consensus and figure out what the title really was; especially if they used some clues from The Force Awakens itself to help them create the guess in the first place.

Already, The Last Jedi's title reveal and teaser poster has led to another round of speculation and rumors from fans regarding its meaning and the film's plot. Is the titular Jedi singular and plural, for instance? If it's the former, then is it referring to Luke or Rey, or possibly another force-sensitive character? At this point, it's practically impossible to know since nothing has been officially been revealed about the Episode VIII plot or story other than that it will pick up where The Force Awakens left off. The poster's aesthetic and the ominous feel of the title do seem to hint at a much darker story and tone than The Force Awakens had, but just how dark it's going to be, remains a mystery.

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Source: Reddit

Update Source: DeviantArt

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