Star Wars: Snoke Is Still A Mystery In The Last Jedi

Snoke in Star Wars The Force Awakens

Those hoping Star Wars: The Last Jedi reveals many of the secrets about Supreme Leader Snoke might be disappointed to hear he is not a character writer/director Rian Johnson covers in great detail. Outside of Rey's heritage, the greatest mystery posed by The Force Awakens was the history of Snoke and how exactly he rose to power. Fans have generated a plethora of theories about the enigmatic alien ever since Episode VII premiered. Lucasfilm has debunked select ones (such as the Darth Plagueis hypothesis), but for the most part, they've let viewers run rampant on the Internet as they try to uncover the truth.

The hope going into Episode VIII was that Johnson was going to provide some answers about the First Order's leader and offer clarity on the situation. But while the creative team has been open about addressing Rey's parentage in the upcoming blockbuster, mum's been the word on Snoke. Some may interpret that as Lucasfilm wanting to preserve any revelations about the villain, though there could be another reason why there isn't much to say about Snoke. As it turns out, Johnson didn't make him a major focus of his movie.

As part of Vanity Fair's coverage on The Last Jedi, reporter David Kamp did an AMA on Reddit to discuss his time on the set (hat tip Star Wars News Net). While most of the newsy tidbits can be found in his actual story for the magazine, he did reveal one key item that didn't make the proper article. When asked what he could say about Snoke, Kamp stated the following:

"I asked Rian Johnson about Snoke—Who/what is he?—and Rian was fairly up front in saying that Snoke is not a character he particularly gets into in TLJ. Hmmm."

Snoke and Kylo Ren in Force Awakens

In all the Star Wars 8 rumors that have come out, few have made mention of Snoke. The word is he has a rather extravagant throne room aboard a giant ship that acts as a base of operations and will be brought to life through a combination of digital and practical effects. Outside of that, there isn't much known about his role in the film. Recently, it was said Luke Skywalker was going after Snoke, but that's a confrontation people will have to wait and see. From the sound of things, Johnson placed more of an emphasis on the human characters, digging deeper into the likes of Luke, Rey, Finn, and Kylo Ren. Snoke, of course, will still be in Episode VIII, he'll just be part of the supporting cast like he was in Force Awakens. And that's not necessarily a bad thing.

Keeping Snoke in the shadows in Last Jedi gives Colin Trevorrow something intriguing to unpack in Episode IX. Since this is a trilogy, it's better to spread out all the major reveals and build up to a showdown with the ultimate evil as opposed to playing all the cards too early and leaving nothing of note for the last film. Lucasfilm is currently unsure if the Skywalker saga will continue after the ninth episode, so it would appear that the sequel trilogy, like the originals before it, is being conceived as a complete story with a beginning, middle, and end in the event Star Wars 10 never comes into fruition or happens many years from now. Fans may want all the answers as soon as possible, but patience is a virtue. And with Episode IX beginning production in January, it won't be long until all is revealed.

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Source: Star Wars News Net

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