Best Look At Snoke's Guards With New Star Wars 8 Toy

Supreme Leader Snoke in Force Awakens

The latest toy leak from Star Wars: The Last Jedi gives fans their best look yet at Supreme Leader Snoke's elite praetorian guards. New additions to the saga created by writer/director Rian Johnson, the guards have been the subject of much attention and speculation over the last few months, as leaked promotional art and tie-in merchandise have offered glimpses of their appearance, with each one allegedly having their own weapon and helmet. While their design is very reminiscent of the Emperor's royal guards in the original trilogy, speculation implies the praetorian guards will get involved in some action at some point.

As hard as it is to believe, Force Friday II is right around the corner, taking place this September. Of course, store shelves will be packed with Star Wars products for moviegoers to buy as they impatiently count down the days until The Last Jedi, some of which will include these new guards. Most recently, a pinball tabletop game that will be available featured an image of one, and now, the action figure is here for all to see.

Pictures of the toy come courtesy Star Wars News Net, and they spotlight three different views of the figure. Fans can see it from the front, back, and a profile shot. Check them out by clicking the link below:

Click for Star Wars 8 Guard Pictures

Snoke and Kylo Ren in Force Awakens

For those who have been keeping tabs on the rumor mill, there isn't all that much new here. It's just cool to get another look at the guards, which seem like they will be a key component of marketing when things kick into high gear. Interestingly enough, Lucasfilm has yet to officially unveil the praetorian force, in stark contrast to the adorable porg creatures that have received much of the spotlight since D23. In terms of the proper advertising campaign, just about anything remotely involving Snoke is highly secretive, so the studio could be saving them for another day (or perhaps the film itself). If the guards are going to be part of the first wave of products, however, they might make appearances in a second trailer or any of the television spots that will pop up over the next few months.

It will be fascinating to see how the guards factor into the main narrative. Johnson has mentioned before Snoke is not a character he covers in great detail during The Last Jedi, so it's possible they don't get much screen time. Either way, the praetorian guards make for fun additions to the Star Wars galaxy, and will certainly be a favorite amongst cosplayers at conventions next year. Hopefully when they're finally seen in action, they don't disappoint.

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Source: Star Wars News Net

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