Star Wars 8: Behind-the-Scenes Images of Rey & Captain Phasma

Watch BFI Film Academy trainees discuss their working roles on the new #StarWars films

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New images of Rey and Captain Phasma from Star Wars: The Last Jedi have made their way online via a new video about the making of Lucasfilm's new Star Wars films. The galaxy far, far away has had a tumultuous week with the firing of directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller from the young Han Solo spinoff film, but Rian Johnson's Episode VIII has fortunately been sailing smoothly. Word is post-production will be completed in August, about four months prior to the movie's theatrical premiere this holiday season. Star Wars is a franchise known for having difficulties completing projects, but The Last Jedi is a rare exception.

Lucasfilm has been known for secrecy in their Disney era, and that hasn't changed for Star Wars 8. Their marketing campaign to this point has been minimal at most, with a teaser trailer and Vanity Fair spread consisting of a majority of what's been officially revealed. That could be changing in the near future, as a second trailer has been seemingly been classified for debut at either D23 or San Diego Comic-Con 2017. For now, fans will take anything they can get their hands on, and that includes videos about film academy students getting a chance to work on the blockbusters.

BFI posted a short featurette on their Film Academy trainees who received the chance of a lifetime to be on a Star Wars crew. A good portion of the video deals with the people talking about how incredible lending their talents to the legendary franchise is, but there are some cool behind-the-scenes looks at The Last Jedi as well. The footage provides viewers with a different look at a couple of scenes from the trailer: Rey running on Ahch-To with her lightsaber and Captain Phasma surrounded by flames as she enters what is presumably the Resistance base. Check them out in the space below.

These clips were no doubt strategically selected for the video (and probably approved by Lucasfilm) since they do not contain any new scenes that haven't yet been revealed. There is, however, some added context as to how these moments were captured for Episode VIII. The portion with Rey was on location (most likely Ireland), and Daisy Ridley is running along a beach. It is unknown who she is running towards, but she clearly has a look of determination on her face. As for Phasma and her loyal stormtroopers, this scene seems to be shot on a sound stage, complete with green screen to flesh out the environment in the finished film. Fans will surely theorize how both of these parts factor into the narrative.

Star Wars has always been on the cutting edge of filmmaking technology, so it's always cool to get a look behind the curtain and see how these massive undertakings come together. It's a team effort to get something like The Last Jedi across the finish line, something that's not lost on everyone involved. When Episode VIII finally comes out and fans get a chance to see all the spectacle and drama in full, there will undoubtedly be more interest in "making of" documentaries that detail how the pros make it all possible.

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Source: BFI

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