Star Wars 8 Goes 'Deeper Into Rey's Story'

Daisy Ridley as Rey meets Luke Skywalker in Star Wars The Last Jedi Episode VIII

One of the biggest question Star Wars: The Force Awakens left audiences with was who Rey (Daisy Ridley) is, and more of that will be uncovered when Star Wars: The Last Jedi hits theaters this December. Her lonely lifestyle on Jakku but strong sense of the Force has continued to keep fans talking ever since, and the end of The Force Awakens brought her face-to-face with the galaxies most fabled (and lost) hero, Luke Skywalker.

The setup has indicated to many that the two will be or already are strongly connected, especially with the theory that they are related. Whether it was the quick reference to Rey waiting for her parents or Maz alluding to Luke being the figure she has been looking for, Rey's backstory has only continued to be teased and not fully explored. But, that will change with The Last Jedi.

During the panel for The Last Jedi at Star Wars Celebration Orlando 2017 and has brought the cast and crew with them. Ridley was on hand for the presentation and spoke about Rey's story being uncovered in the next film, and it may not go as well as she had hoped.

"In The Last Jedi, we go deeper into Rey's story. What is very apparent from where we left off in The Force Awakens and begin with The Last Jedi is Rey has a certain expectation as to what she may be getting from Luke and what that might entail and as a lot of people know, it is difficult when you meet your heroes because it might not be what you expect."

Star Wars Celebration Orlando 2017 Rey Sketch

Those words are sure to catch the eye of fans as the mentor/mentee relationship may not develop as organically as many had hoped, but that could only help the dynamic between Mark Hamill and Ridley more intriguing. As this is played out, Ridley will have the chance to shine even brighter as an actresses, and director Rian Johnson is praising everything that she brings to the role.

So much of the stuff that people respond to in that character and having gotten to know Daisy and work with her over the past few years, the tenacity and the bravery and the humor and the depth and so many other things that make little kids want to be Rey, just like the things people looked up to in Leia came from Carrie, those things are Daisy.

Ridley's performance in The Force Awakens was one of the main reasons she quickly captured the hearts of Star Wars fanatics and proved to be the latest strong, female lead in this franchise. Her ability as an actresses to channel so many different levels of emotion helped pull audiences in so quickly, that it helped make the lack of backstory easier to take for the time being. However, with The Last Jedi proving to explore more about Rey, all this mystery may soon be uncovered.

Source: Star Wars Celebration

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  • Star Wars 8/Star Wars: The Last Jedi (2017) release date: Dec 15, 2017
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