Star Wars 8: The Resistance's Older BB Units Revealed



A pair of new BB droids from The Resistance in Star Wars: The Last Jedi have been revealed online. Poe Dameron's prized "one of a kind" unit BB-8 returns in The Last Jedi with some relatives making their debuts in the new trilogy, most notably the First Order's BB-9E, a.k.a. BB-8's "evil twin". The introduction of a potential direct adversary for BB-8 adds the kind of dimension to the droid's narrative that wasn't seen in The Force Awakens.

BB-9E has already made its debut via toy leaks, and was also released as one of Sphero's newest high-end App-connected electronic toys, to go along with BB-8 and R2-D2 models. But as it turns out, BB-8 and BB-9E aren't the only BB units that will appear in The Last Jedi. The Resistance actually possesses at least a couple of others, and two of the newly introduced units have made an official appearance online.

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Thanks to the new Sphero remote control app (screenshots via r/StarWarsLeaks on Reddit) we have our first look at two new resistance BB units. There's an image of BB-2 and BB-4, which look similar to BB-8 and BB-9E but are clearly older and not nearly as advanced. A Resistance BB unit previously leaked through a Funko POP! figure, but this is a much clearer look at the new BB droids that will be introduced in The Last Jedi.

Though appearing in the Sphero app, it's unclear whether these droids would appear as part of the Sphero toy line in any way. Here's the description of the newly revealed BB units, which you'll get to know during The Last Jedi's X-wing scenes:

"BB units can be seen rolling about on capital ships and hangar bays. They are also seen socketed into X-wing fighters, ready to aid in the fight against the First Order. These Droids help keep vessels and weapons in top shape and ready for combat."

These BB units are obviously diminished in terms of their functions, likely performing only the duties BB-8 had while flying with Poe Dameron (Oscar Isaac) in The Force Awakens. The BB-2 and BB-4 units may not play close to as integral a role in the plot of The Last Jedi as their more advanced counterparts BB-8 and BB-9E will, but they will surely be important to some of the other Resistance pilots you may meet.

BB-8 endeared itself as the newest lovable droid character in the Star Wars universe with its memorable debut in The Force Awakens. BB-8 was special in that it was the only BB unit to appear in the movie. It's about to get crowded with both BB-9E and at least two other Resistance BB droids, which could make it challenging for BB-8 to once again live up to its "one of a kind" status.

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