Star Wars 8 Leaked BTS Promo Images Descriptions [UPDATED]

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[UPDATE: At the request of Disney, we have removed the promotional images from the post. The original article follows]


A leaked collection of Star Wars: The Last Jedi promotional images highlight many of the film's principal characters, including Luke Skywalker and Supreme Leader Snoke. Lucasfilm's marketing campaign for the sequel has been personified by the small amount of plot details revealed, but the studio hasn't been very lucky when it comes to unofficial leaks online. Ahead of September's Force Friday II products, fans have already seen several of the toys that will be available, some of which confirm rumors and tease potential storylines. In particular, LEGO sets and mini-figures have provided a bounty of information, including the presumed physical appearance of Snoke.

Just yesterday, viewers got a better of idea of what the dark side master could look like in the flesh thanks to an artist's rendering of the character's description, but today we're treated to the real deal. A batch of behind-the-scenes promo photos depicting the heroes and villains of the tale showcase everyone from Rey to Snoke's elite praetorian guards.

The photos first appeared on the Twitter account Star Wars Stuff, and from the sound of it, they were not planned to be released as part of advertising right now.

Star Wars The Last Jedi teaser trailer - Luke on Ahch-To

The shoot highlights the new costumes that will be worn throughout the film, some of which have been seen in marketing materials before (such as Kylo Ren with his repositioned facial scar and flowing cape). Among this set, the ones that are sure to get most of the attention are those of Luke, who is sporting a much different outfit than the one he had at the end of The Force Awakens. In stark contrast from his white robes, Skywalker is seen in dark brown attire, looking rather ominous with his hood up. Switching gears to the First Order, Captain Phasma has a fresh weapon, clutching a staff as Gwendoline Christie strikes an action pose. These photos also give fans their first "real" look at Snoke's guards, who - as per the rumors - are each armed differently. One has a pair of blades, while another does battle with an axe pike. Hopefully, the guards take part in an action sequence or two and aren't just for show. As for Snoke, he was seen once again in his golden robe.

At this point, the rate of Last Jedi leaks is becoming alarming, especially after so much for Episode VII was kept under lock and key until that film's premiere. While Lucasfilm surely wants to stop this from happening (before something far more spoilery comes out), right now what's coming out is mostly harmless and serves as free marketing to help get fans more excited for what's to come in December. There's only a little under five months left, so fans don't have to wait much longer for the full picture.

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Source: Star Wars Stuff

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