Star Wars 8 Poster Sketch Hints At Luke As Villain

The latest fan sketches for Star Wars: The Last Jedi reveal two possible concepts for the theatrical poster. Lucasfilm's marketing campaign for the highly-anticipated sequel has been characteristically brief, with very few materials available so far. Outside of a teaser trailer and poster released during Celebration Orlando back in April, advertising for Episode VIII has been hard to come by. This isn't necessarily an issue, as the tentpole is arguably the most anticipated release of 2017 and is already at the top of many's "must-see" lists by virtue of being the next Star Wars installment.

Things will change soon, however. As the summer movie season winds down to a close and fall arrives, Lucasfilm will put together a massive push for their latest blockbuster. The Force Friday II event for merchandise rollout is planned for this September, and if they stick to the Force Awakens script, a new trailer will follow shortly after that. Typically, studios like to commemorate the debut of a new theatrical preview by unveiling a fresh poster, and The Last Jedi should be no different. As fans await to see what design will ultimately be used, two possibilities have made their way online.

Making Star Wars partnered with an artist referred to as Sharna to produce sketches of new Last Jedi one-sheets, based on notes and recent leaks. Both are similar to the theatrical poster for Episode VII, which followed the tried and true formula of including several main characters in the artwork. There are two versions; one is called the "hero poster," while the other is the "antagonist poster." You can check them out in the space below:

The two concepts have common factors, such as the Battle of Crait taking place in the bottom third and First Order ships flying in the distance. However, there are some noteworthy differences in the individuals selected for each. As the classifications suggest, the "hero" variant focuses mainly on the Resistance. Rey takes center stage, with principal players like Finn, General Leia, and Poe Dameron also included. Luke Skywalker is prominently featured as well - and he's a key part of the "antagonist" edition. On that poster, the old Jedi Master is rather ominously depicted with his hood up, almost resembling the Emperor as he stands among Kylo Ren, Captain Phasma, and Supreme Leader Snoke.

It's fascinating that Luke is highlighted on the "antagonist" version, since it suggests an arc for him that many might not have expected. For 40 years, Skywalker has been the hero of Star Wars, always resisting the temptation of the dark side. Granted, he does believe it's time for the Jedi to end, so perhaps whatever new Force path he's discovered blends the light and the dark. Based on the footage, we can see that he trains Rey and rumors suggest he's targeting Snoke, so perhaps Luke is choosing to fight evil with evil, after the ways of the Jedi repeatedly failed. That Lucasfilm is considering this for a poster is very curious, and many will be interested to see how the rest of promotion unfolds.

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Source: Making Star Wars

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