Why The Latest Star Wars 8 Leak Is False

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A supposed leak of the plot for Star Wars: The Last Jedi has made its way online, but fans should not look at it to get a better sense of what writer/director Rian Johnson has in store for this December's blockbuster. In the Disney era, Lucasfilm has become famous for their high levels of secrecy, withholding key spoilers from even licensing partners that make tie-in toys for the new films. Because of this, fans are primarily left to their own devices as they try to learn more about the modern movies before they come out. Official trailers and TV spots offer the tiniest tastes, but have largely been constructed around mysteries. Episode VIII was no different, as the footage revealed minimal story details and left viewers wanting more.

As is always the case with Star Wars, the rumor mill is constantly in full effect, and some bits of speculation can be more legitimate than others. A series of high-profile scoops was recently confirmed by leaked LEGO packaging, so whenever something for Last Jedi makes its way online, it's easy to get drawn in and believe it's true. However, a close examination of of the latest batch of rumors suggest that sometimes, fans just go amuck with their wild theories.

Originally appearing on 4chan (which itself is a red flag), this information comes from a person claiming to be an upset Lucasfilm employee who was removed from the marketing department. He or she posted a plethora of spoilers (including a description of the narrative) for fans to chew over, but many of them seem to contradict with what has already been revealed about the film.

The Last Jedi Leak

First, let's start with the leak itself, which can be read in full on Screen Geek. Unsurprisingly, a majority of it deals with Luke Skywalker and Rey, covering their dynamic. When the two first meet, Luke tells Rey she was left on Jakku after her parents became scared of her Force abilities, and she was "born out of necessity" in order to maintain the balance of the Force. Luke agrees to train Rey, but says that once they defeat Supreme Leader Snoke, they will stop. In a meditation scene, Rey is able to walk through a beam of light and "control everything around her" (even changing shapes). Later on, Rey fights against an unknown creature with "evil intent" as Luke tries to realize Rey's full potential quickly so Snoke can be destroyed as soon as possible. When Rey beats this creature, it turns into the Force ghost of Anakin Skywalker.

In another flashback, more of the destruction of Luke's Jedi academy is shown. Skywalker knew someone (presumably Rey) would eventually come to provide a balance to Kylo Ren, and he left after Ben's turn to discover why the Jedi have a long history of failing. It's also said Luke used the Force to place R2-D2 in low power mode until the new light side user (again, possibly Rey) was discovered. During The Last Jedi, viewers will learn the Force can be "literally connected to everything" and a droid "can be aligned to it if it is willed." Rey and Luke have an argument over Skywalker abandoning his friends and Luke has a talk with Yoda. The old Jedi Master confesses the old Order was "hopeful but arrogant" and mentions the dark side can't be the only future for the galaxy.

Star Wars The Last Jedi teaser trailer - Kylo Ren

As far as Kylo Ren is concerned, the leak says he will spend most of Episode VIII alongside Snoke, which plays in line with the way The Force Awakens ended. In this film, the former Ben Solo is thought to be "more unstable" and embarks on a personal journey to essentially retrace Darth Vader's footsteps "in the hopes he will meet his spirit." Snoke is allegedly apathetic to Kylo's mission. Additionally, there's a claim that Force ghosts can be destroyed now, as this is a new ability the Lucasfilm story group wants to implement in upcoming titles. After Episode VII added more Force powers to the mix (see: Kylo freezing a blaster bolt in midair), the filmmakers were keen on continuing that for the sequel.

Details on Finn's subplot are brief, but the stormtrooper-turned-hero is covered as well. Once he wakes up from his coma, the ship they are on is attacked and General Leia sends him on a mission to go to a new planet and meet someone with information on how to defeat Snoke. New character Rose Tico is with Finn "because it's the last escape pod." Poe Dameron leaves with Leia and the two regroup with other members of the Resistance, including Vice Admiral Holdo (Laura Dern). Holdo and Leia are at odds because they do not agree on the best course of action moving forward. Meanwhile, Finn, Rose, and "Zenn" (Benicio del Toro), travel to Snoke's home planet and learn Snoke has "switched bodies" throughout his existence and is popular among various species due to his extreme wealth.

Other minor notes include marketing leading people to believe Luke has turned to the Dark Side, the Millennium Falcon being destroyed, and a rough cut of the film being done for weeks.

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