Star Wars: The Last Jedi stars Mark Hamill and John Boyega are having fun with each other on social media, joking about revealing potential plot spoilers to their many followers. Episode VIII is unquestioningly one of 2017’s most anticipated films, so fans are eager to learn anything they can about the movie before it comes out. Lucasfilm has started the official advertising campaign with a teaser trailer and photo spread, but several of the narrative’s biggest reveals are being kept under wraps until the movie comes out this December. The lack of information can be frustrating at times, but many viewers would rather go in fresh and be surprised by what’s in store.

With viewers always on the hunt for more beyond what’s already been unveiled, the actors involved with these projects have to be very careful about what they say publicly – including on their own social media accounts. Fans (especially Star Wars ones) have a tendency to overanalyze every small word, trying to deduct a larger meaning about what it implies for the future. Occasionally, the talent will get a little cheeky with moviegoers, knowing it will stir people up into a frenzy. Comedy seems to be the main goal of Hamill’s latest Twitter interaction with Boyega.

Stemming from a post by Boyega that it’s “time to play a villain,” Hamill amusingly spun it into a Last Jedi “leak” and hoped the youngster (his “son”) didn’t share anything else about Rian Johnson’s film. Playing along, Boyega referred to Hamill as “dad” in his reply, requesting to be trained in the Jedi arts since Poe Dameron’s blaster is “whack when fighting” and can overheat. Check out the exchange below:

Always the trickster, Hamill caps off the conversation by remarking #DisneysLegalDept has informed him the two have said too much about Episode VIII. Of course, this is all just fun and games. Boyega’s original tweet (which he insists is not Star Wars related) can simply be seen as the actor expressing his desire to broaden his horizons and take on an antagonistic role one day. Since his big break in The Force Awakens, Boyega has largely played heroic parts, such as Finn and Jake Pentecost in Pacific Rim: Uprising. His natural charisma and screen presence lends itself well to protagonists, but everyone likes a challenge. Finn decides “what side he’s on” in Star Wars 8, though based on everything we’ve heard, he’s a “big deal” in the Resistance, taking part in undercover missions behind enemy lines.

At this point, Hamill is obviously a legend at keeping his lips sealed (he kept the Darth Vader twist from Harrison Ford), and Boyega’s experience on The Force Awakens quickly turned him into a pro. They (or any of their co-stars) know better than to share anything too revealing about the continuation of the saga and are simply providing humorous commentary on the current Hollywood landscape and how careful celebrities must be when offering teases or clues. One day Boyega might play a villain, but it probably won’t be in the Star Wars sequel trilogy. After all, he turned his back on the First Order because he wouldn’t kill for them. He’s past the point of going back.

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Source: Mark Hamill

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