Star Wars 8: Oscar Isaac Shares Image Of Mark Hamill & Carrie Fisher

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It is with heavy hearts that moviegoers await next year's Star Wars: Episode VIII. Millions of fans around the globe continue to mourn the passing of franchise icon Carrie Fisher, who once again will reprise her role as Leia Organa in the highly-anticipated sequel. It has been reported Fisher filmed all of her Star Wars 8 scenes prior to her death, and that Leia's role will be expanded in the highly anticipated sequel. How she fits into the narrative exactly remains to be seen, since the rumor mill has been fairly quiet in this regard.

Another original trilogy character who will have more to do in Episode VIII is Luke Skywalker, who was found by Rey at the end of The Force Awakens. From the sound of it, Luke will be spending most of his time training the young scavenger in the ways of the Force on the remote planet Ahch-To, but many viewers are hoping the elder Skywalker eventually rejoins the main conflict between the Resistance and the First Order, reuniting with his sister. Time will tell if the famous twins will share scenes in Episode VIII, but Mark Hamill was able to spend time with Fisher on-set, and now Oscar Isaac has shared one of their moments together.

The actor, who returns to play Poe Dameron, took to his Facebook account to share a message about Fisher. Included in his post was a picture of Hamill and Fisher in their Episode VIII costumes, with the actress striking a pose for the camera. You can see the photo below:

Star Wars 8 costume descriptions have periodically popped up online over the past couple of months, but this marks the first time they can actually be seen. Leia is dressed similarly to the way she was at the conclusion of Episode VII, wearing a formal black dress and decorative rings. Meanwhile, Luke is in customary Jedi robes, though as reported earlier, his attire is darker than his clothing from Force Awakens. The website Making Star Wars notes that in this particular image, Hamill is not wearing his complete Luke Skywalker get-up, so the full reveal of his outfit is still to come - most likely when the first Star Wars 8 trailer debuts in the spring.

For obvious reasons, watching Episode VIII in December 2017 is going to be an extremely emotional experience for viewers, and Lucasfilm will undoubtedly find a way to give Fisher a proper and resonate sendoff that pays ultimate respect to the late icon. With Leia allegedly playing a bigger part, the character will ideally (and fittingly) have more than a few meaningful contributions to the overall story before fans bid a tearful farewell to the General and the actress who played her to perfection. Since this will sadly be Fisher's last appearance in the role that made her famous, it would be nice and touching if Fisher made one final important impact on the galaxy far, far away.

Source: Oscar Isaac (via Making Star Wars)

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