Star Wars Book Reveals Luke & Snoke Last Jedi Details

A recently published Star Wars book reveals some new details about Luke Skywalker and Supreme Leader Snoke in The Last Jedi. The next chapter of the Skywalker family saga inches closer and closer to its theatrical premiere, and Lucasfilm has only started revving up the marketing machine. Next week, the second (and presumably final) trailer for the hotly-anticipated sequel will possibly debut, ahead of the bevy of TV spots that'll come out over the next few months. Writer/director Rian Johnson and star Mark Hamill have advised fans to avoid promotional materials from here on out, but the temptation to watch new footage will prove to be too great for some.

Fortunately, Lucasfilm has turned advertising their tentpoles into an art form where they tease viewers with just enough information to whet appetites, but stop short of outright spoiling. This means anything officially released by the studio is usually safe to check out, as the various twists and turns of the plot remain heavily guarded. So, those who want to learn more about what Episode VIII can read what's in a new book that contains some nuggets that are sure to tantalize fans.

DK Books has come out with an expanded edition of Star Wars: Absolutely Everything You Need To Know as part of the "Journey to The Last Jedi" initiative. Some of the pages (which appeared on Reddit via Star Wars News Net) cover the upcoming movie, providing snippets about characters and locations. While certain revelations have already been reported in the previous months, there are some aspects about Luke and Snoke that will surely pique fans' interests. It's said Luke has been in exile on Ahch-To for "many years," living on what nature provides for "food and shelter." It's also confirmed Snoke possesses Force abilities, such as telepathy, Force choking, and throws. It'll be interesting to see if he shows off his powers at any point in The Last Jedi.

While neither of these come as a major surprise, they do flesh out key elements for Episode VIII. Since Luke has been in hiding for an extended period of time, it means Ben Solo's turn to the dark side was not recent. In the canon novel Bloodline (which is set six years prior to The Force Awakens), Luke is still training his nephew in the ways of the Jedi, so that window is when Ben likely became Kylo Ren. Luke obviously feels tremendous guilt over what happened, and Rey is tasked with bringing him back into the fold (while also learning more about the Force) so the Resistance can defeat the First Order. Skywalker has other tasks in mind, embarking on a quest for the first Jedi temple.

As for Snoke, while it's been hinted at before he is Force sensitive ("There's been an awakening. Have you felt it?"), this is the first time it's been outright said he can use its power in a variety of ways. Johnson has said in the past the Supreme Leader remains a mystery in his film, but some layers will be peeled back, as The Last Jedi features Snoke's praetorian guard and shows the villain in the flesh. After he just sat in hologram form in Force Awakens, hopefully he gets to do something menacing in Episode VIII.

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Source: Star Wars News Net

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