Star Wars 8: Luke Skywalker & Rey Costume Descriptions

Luke Skywalker Star Wars 8

After Star Wars: The Force Awakens ended with the cliffhanger of Rey holding out the Skywalker family lightsaber to a grizzled-looking Luke Skywalker, anticipation for the upcoming Star Wars: Episode VIII has been through the roof. Fans so eager to learn what happened to the original trilogy hero in the years following Return of the Jedi are desperate for Mark Hamill to have a larger role in the sequel, which will hopefully provide answers to some of the lingering questions left unresolved in Star Wars 7. Plot details are obviously being kept under wraps, but recently Daisy Ridley confirmed that Episode VIII picks up immediately after Force Awakens - having reshot the last film's now-iconic final scene with a different crew.

And though seemingly no time has passed between episodes, it doesn't mean that the characters' physical appearances will remain the same from when viewers last saw them. If the latest reports are to be believed, both the master and his would-be apprentice undergo some wardrobe changes (merchandising!) before commencing Force training.

Making Star Wars acquired costume descriptions for both Luke and Rey, the latter of which is said to be similar to the ending of Force Awakens. However, there are some alterations. Rey is no longer wearing the vest she had on Ahch-To, just the white tunic, capri-length pants, arm wraps, and boots. In addition, her hair is worn down instead of sporting the distinct style that was featured throughout Episode VII. Interestingly enough, Rey still carries the blaster that Han Solo gave her, which could be read as an act of sentiment. She viewed the old smuggler as the father she never had, so she probably wants something to remember him by.

Rey and Luke Skywalker in Star Wars Force Awakens

One interpretation provided by Making Star Wars is that it's an indicator of Rey's confidence in her newfound abilities, and she feels more comfortable having something other than the lightsaber for defense. After she displayed adeptness in her duel with Kylo Ren, some may find that difficult to believe, but it does make some sense. As far as we know, Rey has yet to receive any formal training, and Kylo was both physically and emotionally weakened during their confrontation on Starkiller base (making him easier to defeat). With Snoke looking to complete Kylo's training, Rey needs to get stronger as well so she's prepared for a potential rematch.

As for Luke, it's revealed that he has an entirely different outfit for Episode VIII. His costume is said to be much darker in color than his Jedi robes from Force Awakens, with his all-black attire in Return of the Jedi serving as the comparison. Luke sports a tunic that's allegedly similar to Count Dooku's, as well as a cape that sits on top of his shoulders like a shawl. His right arm is free, but half of his chest is covered by it. Luke is also wearing a black glove over his mechanical hand again, after it was completely exposed (with no artificial skin, even) in Star Wars 7Making Star Wars reader Ian Hamilton created a mock-up of Luke's costume, which you can see below:

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