Star Wars 8: Luke's Reason For Exile Informs His Whole Relationship With Rey

Luke Skywalker’s reasons to put himself in exile will be a defining part of his relationship with Rey. With his absence in Star Wars: The Force Awakens serving as a major plot-point and Rey's liniage serving as one of the biggest mysteries of the series, its no wonder director Rian Johnson says their story will be the "beating heart" of The Last Jedi.

The Force Awakens left many questions in the air, with one of the biggest being why is Luke in exile. With The Last Jedi beginning where the previous film ended, we luckily won’t have to wait much to begin getting answers. Until then, this question will keep floating around the minds of fans and will be one of the most asked questions to director Rian Johnson – but to him, the big enigma goes beyond that.

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In an interview with Good Morning America at D23 Expo, Rian Johnson was asked what the first words between Rey and Luke will be. Without giving anything away, Johnson explained that, while he hopes that’s what everyone is wondering, that question was the starting point to set the ground for Luke and Rey’s relationship.

“Do we have some sense of what Rey wants from Luke? To me, the big enigma was what’s going on with Luke Skywalker. Why is he on that island? He knows his friends are in trouble, he knows the galaxy needs him. Why would this hero that I grew up with have put himself in exile? To me, it was like if we could crack that nut then we have something to start working with and then that will inform what their whole relationship is”.

The Force Awakens ended with Rey traveling to the oceanic planet Ahch-To where she presents the Jedi with his old lightsaber. Among the few plot details known to date is that Luke is searching for the first Jedi Temple, which is said to be in Ahch-To. However, his reasons to go on a galaxy-wide quest to discover the “lore of the Jedi” – and everything that happened between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens – remains a mystery, which will hopefully be resolved in The Last Jedi.

As for Rey, while we know she is force-sensitive and experienced disturbing visions when drawn to Luke and Anakin’s lightsaber at Maz Katana’s cantina, it’s unknown what her plans and expectations are when coming face to face with Luke Skywalker himself.

In addition to all this, an official summary of the film reveals the heroes from the previous film will join the “galactic legends” in an adventure that will unlock “age-old mysteries of the Force and shocking revelations of the past”, which naturally raises more questions: what has Luke discovered in Ahch-To? Will Rey be trained as a Jedi or something more? And connecting with Johnson’s questions, will these age-old mysteries have to do with him not reaching out to the rest when they were in trouble? It’s only a matter of months until these and many other questions – like those concerning Rey’s lineage – will be answered.

Source: Good Morning America.

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