Star Wars 8: General Leia Reportedly Has Larger Role

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It has been a rough day for Star Wars fans across the world following the loss of Carrie Fisher. Throughout appearances in four films, she has carved out a place in cinema history with her portrayal of Leia Organa. She took the character from being a princess in the Rebellion to then becoming the general of the Resistance. Fisher will make her last appearance as Leia in Star Wars: Episode VIII next year, and prior to her passing, she was able to complete her portion of filming.

Upon the news, Star Wars fans began to wonder how the franchise will move forward without Fisher. It could have done so in easier fashion if Leia was scheduled to take a backseat to the newer characters, but according to a new report, she is actually slated to have a bigger role than she did in Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens.

Deadline reported the news that Leia's role is currently expanded for Episode 8, which coincides with news that her daughter also has a larger role this time around. It is unknown as of right now how or if this will change once Lucasfilm begins to figure out the plan for the franchise moving forward.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens - Leia (Carrie Fisher)

The news that Leia, and potentially the Resistance, are currently set to have a larger role in Episode 8 makes sense given the way events unfolded in The Force Awakens. After all, The First Order is currently without a major operating base and the Resistance has handed them defeat while also finding the location of Jedi legend and Leia's brother, Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill). With control of the galaxy hanging in the balance, it only makes sense for Leia to be front and center, doing everything she can to bring peace and freedom to the galaxy.

Unfortunately, all of this could now be changed, as Deadline also reports that Fisher was scheduled to return for Star Wars: Episode IX, reassuring fans that they never planned to remove another original trilogy member this time. If she does in fact have a larger role, it should be interesting to see not only just how big of a role it is, but also what measures are taken to tweak her arc and give her the send off she deserves.

Outside of planning on returning to the galaxy far, far away again in the future, Fisher also according to IndieWire just days ago agreed to create a sequel to her one-woman stand up show, book, and eventual broadway play Wishful Thinking that would have been titled Wishful Drinking Strikes Back: From Star Wars to, uh, Star Wars! Now that she has passed, it is unclear if the sequel will move forward at all, but it shows that Fisher had no plans in slowing down.

Source: Deadline, IndieWire

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