Laura Dern: Star Wars 8 'Once In A Lifetime' Experience


Star Wars newcomer Laura Dern says she'll "never forget" her experience working on the The Last Jedi. Dern, of course, has already lived a pretty amazing life both personally and professionally. The daughter of legendary actors and Oscar nominees Bruce Dern and Diane Ladd, Laura Dern has a couple Oscar nominations herself, most recently for playing Reese Witherspoon's mother in the adventure drama Wild.

On top of that, she's amassed dozens of credits throughout her career, including film roles in Jurassic Park and Jurassic Park III, and on TV in the original Twin Peaks and its recent revival of the series. Yet for all the extraordinary experiences Dern has had as a performer, nothing seems to compare to her upcoming turn as Vice Admiral Amilyn Holdo in The Last Jedi.

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Joining Benicio Del Toro and Kelly Marie Tran as one of three new principal cast members to join the eighth film in the Skywalker family saga, Dern naturally had to remain tight-lipped about her role in a recent interview with THR, but described her general feelings about becoming a part of the coveted Star Wars film universe. Talking about putting Holdo's costume on for the first time, Dern recalled:

"Once in a lifetime. You're dressed in this amazing creation that everyone put a lot of effort into, you walk on set and the camera starts to roll. You feel like an actor on a movie until you see R2-D2, and you're like, 'Wait a minute, I'm 8 years old, what's happening? I'm pretending to be in Star Wars, but it's real.' That's what sets it apart from any experience I've ever had. I'll never forget it."

With very little information released about the production thusfar, it will be interesting to see how central Dern's role is the plot of The Last Jedi. Even though Holdo is a member of the Resistance, she'll reportedly have an antagonistic relationship with Poe Dameron (Oscar Isaac), and rumors surfaced in March 2016 about Holdo taking over command of the Resistance in light of a plot development with General Leia (Carrie Fisher). It remains to be seen how much Dern will appear in the film, since of the three new cast members, Lucasfilm says Tran will have the biggest role.

Now matter how integral Holdo is the The Last Jedi, it's great see how humbled Dern is by landing a role in the film, describing the feeling most fans would probably have with the same opportunity. After all, the Star Wars saga has sparked the imaginations of the millions of people all over the world in the past 40 years, and Dern's remarks show that she's clearly been one of them from an early age. Earlier this year, Dern remarked in a tribute to Fisher“I don’t know any of us who didn’t play Princess Leia for a Halloween, or in our life. What an incredible gift to to witness that whole legacy." 

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Source: THR

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