New Star Wars 8 Trailer Coming At D23 Or Comic-Con?

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A new trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi has been classified, and the expectation is it will debut next month at either D23 or San Diego Comic-Con. With just six months to go until the film's theatrical premiere, Lucasfilm hasn't revealed much about the eighth episode in the Skywalker saga. Back in April, the first teaser premiered at Star Wars Celebration to much excitement, and May saw a massive cover story in Vanity Fair that showcased new photos and brief details. Other than that (save for unofficial leaks), Rian Johnson's film remains a mystery many are greatly anticipating.

Since fans have already analyzed every frame in the original trailer from the spring, conversation has turned to when viewers will get another look at what's in store come December. Using the marketing campaign for The Force Awakens as a precedent, some people believed a second Last Jedi trailer wouldn't make its way online until the fall, coinciding with tickets going on pre-sale. However, it now appears a fresh preview will be before our eyes in the very near future.

A listing on the BBFC website indicates a "Trailer B" for Episode VIII was officially classified today, earning a PG certificate. Interestingly enough, it's said to run just 91 seconds, making it shorter than the 2-minute teaser that came out at Celebration. This suggests that the trailer will be of the teaser variety, offering only the tiniest glimpses without covering too much of the actual narrative.

General Hux Kylo Ren and Captain Phasma in Star Wars The Last Jedi

With the trailer presumably right around the corner, the biggest question for moviegoers is when it will be released. The most obvious options on the table are either at D23 in July or a Comic-Con Hall H panel one week later. Going by history, the safe money could be on San Diego. D23 has never been a convention for massive trailer reveals. Occasionally, studios will put together sizzle reels to showcase there, but rarely is that footage released online. Additionally, Lucasfilm will be sharing the D23 panel with Disney's in-house live-action department and Marvel Studios. While there will surely be plenty from all three to be excited about, a new Last Jedi trailer would overshadow anything else shown there. If Lucasfilm opts for Comic-Con, they can put something together that's all about Star Wars without detracting from their Disney brethren - and get a killer fan response to boot.

This is arguably an unexpected, yet pleasantly surprising, development. After Celebration and D23, it was thought Lucasfilm wouldn't have much to bring to Comic-Con, but it looks like attendees will be in for a treat next month. From a certain point of view, it only makes sense Lucasfilm would want to hit San Diego. Comic-Con is perhaps the largest pop culture convention, and Star Wars is in the midst of its 40th anniversary celebration. Disney would want to keep the party going all year round, including a presumed stop in famed Hall H to show off new footage.

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Source: BBFC

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