Star Wars 8 Toy Leak Reveals Snoke Guards & Porgs

Snoke in Star Wars The Force Awakens

The latest toy leak from Star Wars: The Last Jedi provides new artwork of a variety of characters and creatures from the movie - including Luke Skywalker's Ahch-To companions, the porgs, as well as Supreme Leader Snoke's Praetorian Guards. Lucasfilm's official marketing campaign for their highly-anticipated sequel has kept reveals down to a minimum, so fans have relied on other means to get a better idea of what to expect from the film. Those following every development know toy leaks have been quite prominent - particularly LEGO packaging that's confirmed previous rumors and teased other storylines. Fortunately, no major spoilers have come out yet, but every day brings something new.

This year's Force Friday will take place in just a couple months, meaning stores will be flooded with Star Wars merchandise to hype up the arrival of The Last Jedi. One retailer that will be getting in on all the fun, of course, is Wal-Mart, and they seem to have jumped the gun a bit by listing a Star Wars game on their website that's full of promotional artwork.

Apparent, Wal-Mart shoppers will be able to buy "Star Wars VIII The Last Jedi Tabletop Pinball" this fall. Star Wars News Net has enlarged images of the toy, offering detailed looks at all the designs on it. You can check out the pictures by clicking the link below.

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Previously, the porgs were only seen in fan sketches based on scene descriptions. This is the first time they've been featured on an official Last Jedi product. It would appear that the earlier drawings were close to the real deal, as there are no noticeable differences between the renderings and the actual porgs (who have befriended R2-D2). There is also a new look at Snoke's elite praetorian guards, who are poised to be a major part of the marketing campaign. This shouldn't come as a surprise, since they are the latest Star Wars villains to sport distinctive costumes that stand out. Hopefully, there's more to them than a cool design, and they'll be involved in the action (as was previously rumored). Writer/director Rian Johnson made the decision to give each one their own helmet and weapon, so he probably has something special planned for them. Luke Skywalker, Rey, and Kylo Ren are also on the pinball game, but there's little to be gleaned from there.

Since the porgs and praetorian guards are highlighted on toys, soda cans, and other pieces of advertising, it will be interesting to see if they're incorporated into any of the upcoming Last Jedi trailers and TV spots. Both have potential for some eye-catching visuals, whether it's Snoke's security force decked in striking red armor or Artoo interacting with more cuddly creatures. If Lucasfilm is comfortable enough to have them in the first wave of the Force Friday rollout, odds are viewers will be somewhat familiar with them in the fall. It's expected an Episode VIII behind-the-scenes sizzle reel will debut at D23 this weekend, so maybe there fans will get a true reveal.

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Source: Wal-Mart, Star Wars News Net

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