Star Wars 8 Director Shares Stormtrooper Set Photo


Star Wars: The Last Jedi is well into post-production with the premiere less than a year away. Director Rian Johnson is hard at work putting the final touches on what he recently described as a more intimate process than he imagined. But Johnson is also taking time out of his busy, pressure-packed schedule to hold a panel with producer Kathleen Kennedy at the upcoming Star Wars Celebration in Orlando.

Johnson still has plenty to talk about in regards to The Last Jedi, which possibly could premiere a teaser trailer at the Star Wars Celebration. He recently shared a sneak peek at the film’s opening text crawl in the editing room, but otherwise has sparingly shared behind-the-scenes looks from the set. Now, Johnson has shared his latest piece of behind-the-scenes content, and it’s sure to excite fans of the First Order.

The director shared a photo from the making of The Last Jedi to his personal Tumblr account on Wednesday, showing a line of Stormtroopers standing and awaiting orders. One of the troopers has his helmet removed, but it does not appear to be a main cast member. In the caption Johnson teases his appearance at the Star Wars Celebration.

The above shot is the first time Johnson has shared a set photo on Tumblr since near the end of filming last June, when he posted an image of Luke Skywalker’s robe on a rack with the caption “In the home stretch.” The photo doesn't appear to include the rumored "Executioner" Stormtrooper who could do battle with Finn at some point in The Last Jedi. It's also impossible to tell whether any of these Stormtroopers happen to be Tom Hardy.


Johnson's photo doesn't appear to depict anything out of the ordinary for the First Order Stormtroopers in the film, but it's encouraging that he is giving the troopers the spotlight in a way you'd expect for main characters. Stormtroopers have been surprisingly effective before and took on a new, more human dimension in The Force Awakens when Finn had a change of heart and abandoned them.

Ostensibly, Johnson is trying to continue The Force Awakens' motif of humanizing the Stormtroopers a little more than in previous Star Wars installments. Of course, the vast majority of Stormtroopers are nameless, faceless soldiers who will be mostly picked off by the good guys. But Finn's defection is at least a tacit acknowledgement that there are, indeed, human beings underneath the Stormtroopers' iconic armor, however evil their actions may be at times. It remains to be seen how Johnson utilizes Stormtroopers in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, and how much - but he sure appears to have an affinity for them.


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Source: Tumblr

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