It hasn’t even been two weeks since Lucasfilm revealed that the full title for the next installment in the Skywalker saga is Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi. Since the announcement, fans in every corner of the galaxy have taken it upon themselves individually to try and find every possible meaning that could be had. Theories ranging from the potential death of Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) to what it means for Rey (Daisy Ridley) and/or Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) have continued to be discussed, but so far it is all just speculation.

However, most fans do not have the access needed to truly find out the answers to their questions, but Josh Gad is not most fans. Two days after the title announcement, Gad took the opportunity to ask his Murder on the Orient Express co-star Daisy Ridley about meaning of the title. To no one’s surprise, Ridley wouldn’t reveal anything, which has now led to Gad taking a second crack to question her.

Gad posted a new video on Twitter of the conversation he had with Ridley this time around. For this attempt, Gad constructed new lines of dialogue for each of their Murder on the Orient Express characters. Much to disapproval of Ridley, their characters’ conversation took a turn from figuring out the murderous plot, and instead ask for answers for many unanswered Star Wars questions.

In his latest attempt, Gad looks to learn more than just the meaning of the title and instead wants to know who Rey’s parents are and her becoming a Jedi. His final question also turns the focus away from Rey and instead to Finn (John Boyega) to see if he is paralyzed from the waist down. Even though Gad crafted a script this time and said it was from director Kenneth Branagh, he came no closer to Ridley slipping up and revealing these answers.

Even though these could be unscripted and Ridley plays the videos with an annoyance, there is no denying that these lighthearted attempts are hilarious. With Gad and Ridley only just beginning to work together on Murder on the Orient Express, it will be interesting to see if Gad continues these types of gags as filming continues. This video comes exactly a week after the first attempt, so hopefully this can become a weekly tradition.

Sure, there may be no chance that Ridley actually reveals anything (and even if she accidentally did there is no way Gad would be able to post it), but hopefully Gad continues to come up with new and creative ways to make it look like he is constantly bothering Ridley during filming. Stay tuned to Screen Rant to see if he does make another attempt at learning the spoilers to The Last Jedi.

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Source: Josh Gad

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