Star Wars 8: Judi Dench Grills Daisy Ridley For Last Jedi Spoilers

The Force Speaks to Rey During Her Duel With Kylo Ren in Star Wars The Force Awakens

Ever since Lucasfilm announced the official title for Star Wars: Episode VIII is The Last Jedi, fans have been trying to deduct the exact meaning of the title and what the story might have in store for the main characters, namely Luke Skywalker and Rey. Unfortunately for many viewers, they're left having to speculate amongst themselves, as few of them have access to members of the Star Wars creative team. However, actor Josh Gad is in the unique position of co-starring alongside Daisy Ridley in the Murder on the Orient Express remake, which is currently in production.

Gad can't be faulted for lack of trying to learn some Last Jedi spoilers, as the previous two weeks have seen him question Ridley about key aspects from the upcoming sequel. Despite Gad's best efforts, Ridley has kept all the secrets buried in her vault - on-camera at least, anyway. Not one to give up, Gad is once again attempting to learn all about Star Wars 8, only this time he's enlisted the help of Dame Judi Dench.

In a new video Gad posted on Twitter, Ridley makes her now weekly stop in his trailer and immediately tells him she won't answer any of his inquiries. Gad then pans the camera to reveal Dench and says the former James Bond actress will be the one quizzing Ridley this time. Dench poses a number of questions, including Snoke's true identity and "Reylo" - the term fans use to reference a prospective romantic relationship between Rey and Kylo Ren. Ridely appears ready to answer Dench before Gad stops recording. Check out the video below:

— Josh Gad (@joshgad) February 8, 2017

Even if Ridley revealed some juicy Star Wars spoilers, Gad would not have been able to share them on social media. Still, this is another fun installment in what has become a series chronicling Gad's quest to solve the biggest Star Wars mysteries. Dench's presence makes for an amusing inclusion this time out, but it will still be interesting to see how much longer this goes on. An argument can be made that the schtick could get old relatively quickly, especially since Ridley cannot say anything of note about The Last Jedi. That said, if Gad can keep coming up with humorous ways to try and crack the case, he's likely to continue posting these videos for as long as Murder on the Orient Express is in principal photography. There are plenty of others (Johnny Depp, Michael Peña, etc.) who could try their hand at uncovering the truth.

The good news for casual moviegoers is that the first real clues should come out soon. All signs are pointing to the first Last Jedi teaser debuting at Star Wars Celebration in April. So in a couple of months, audiences will have actual footage from the movie to dissect and overanalyze. Granted, the trailer won't tell fans everything they want to know right now, but that's part of the fun of waiting for the new Star Wars movies. Lucasfilm has done a great job keeping major plot points under wraps until the premiere, and that shouldn't change now.

Source: Josh Gad

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