There's Going to Be Some Debate Over Star Wars 8's New Force Powers

Luke Skywalker The Last Jedi

Luke's Force Projection

One of the most impressive feats of the Force that we see in The Last Jedi is Luke's prolonged astral projection employed for the climax of the film. While many fans might assume Luke isn't physically there when he first arrives on the Crait base, that's quickly wiped away when he hands Leia the gold dice from the Millennium Falcon and by the fact that C-3PO can see the Jedi Master as well. As Luke's final stand progresses, only his walking away from a barrage of cannon fire unscathed hints that he may not truly be there. Regardless, the reveal is a shocking one, both to Kylo and the audience.

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Not only has Luke projected himself across an unfathomable distance, but he's visible to droids and unable to be detected by the powerful Ren. What's more, but his faux dice are able to be left on the floor for Kylo, implying there was an almost physical palpability to them. While all of this may seem like a stretch, even for the legendary Luke Skywalker, there are multiple Force powers in the Legends canon that allow someone to pull off a feat like this.

The main ability is Dopplegänger, or Similfuturus, which lets a Force user create an exact double of themselves that they can control. The replica is even able to communicate audibly and be seen by droids. Furthermore, both Force projections and Force illusions are aspects of the mind trick that can allow someone to do exactly what Luke did. More than just a facsimile of the Force user, these abilities allow for manipulation of the minds of those viewing the duplicate.  Clearly, Johnson is familiar with the myriad abilities of the Force and found a way to work some of the concepts into Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Rey and Kylo's Connection

When it comes to the Legends canon, the list of Force abilities is long. Users of the power can control air and fire, withstand pain, channel energy into weapons, see in the dark, and even transfer their spirit into a new body. Within the realms of manipulating the mind and the physical world, there's little that can't be accomplished. Like Luke's projection, Rey and Kylo Ren's connection throughout The Last Jedi blends a variety of abilities together.

Sensing each other's feelings is nothing new, but the clear communication between the two and ability to see each other (though not necessarily each other's surroundings) is something we haven't seen in the films. It also appears that a transference of matter is able to occur, as the splash of the sea covers Kylo's glove in water. And at one point, Luke can see Kylo, implying a sort of Force projection is being utilized.

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The films tend to keep the Force more mysterious, rarely labeling or explaining its abilities. The ancillary media, however, can go into these sorts of nuances and show us examples of a number of things similar to what Rey and Kylo can do. Precognition, farsight (seeing things across far distances), Force projections, and telepathy are all potentially on display in the interactions between the two characters, and the connection is only made stronger thanks to Snoke.

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