What Was Mark Hamill's OTHER Last Jedi Role?

Canto Bight

Luke Skywalker isn't the only character that Mark Hamill plays in Star Wars: The Last Jedi. In the Canto Bight chase sequence, he also voices a character named Dobbu Scay, a greedy gambler who evidently doesn't know the difference between droids and slot machines.

Hamill has been tight-lipped over the identity of the other character he was portraying. In an Entertainment Weekly, he explained that he wouldn't reveal the name of the character on account of the fact he enjoys "playing the mystery of it all." The only information he was willing to drop was that A) the character is CGI, and B) it exists in the Canto Bight sequence. Thankfully, Lucasfilm Story Group executive Pablo Hidalgo was a bit more generous with his hints when a fan inquired about the name of the character on Twitter, confirming that Scay was "listed in the credits as the second role someone very prominent in the cast plays."

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When Finn, Rose, and BB-8 arrive in Canto Bight, the former pair are so distracted by the opulence and corruption they lose their rolling pal, who gets mistaken for one of the round slot machines by a short creature who keeps putting in coins despite no payout. This is Dobbu Scay, who Hamill provides the voice for. He appears again when Finn and Rose break out of prison (somewhere they ended up thanks to a hat-tip from Joseph Gordon-Levitt's cameo), grabbing coins as Fathiers tear up the casino.

The character goes deeper than just a chance for Hamill to use his well-trained vocal muscles. Though Hidalgo wouldn't confirm that Dobbu Scay is an anagram of Lucasfilm editor Bob Duscay, his name pretty much speaks for itself. That said, Hamill had never considered it: "I thought [Hidalgo] just shook up some Scrabble tiles and threw them on a table. Let’s come up with a name goofier than Dooku!

Aside from Hamill, The Last Jedi is ripe with cameos, especially Canto Bight: aside from him and Gordon-Levitt, the sequence also includes Justin Theroux as the master codebreaker, Lily Cole as one of his assistants and even an alien made to look like Carrie Fisher's dog, Gary. Across the entire film, there's the likes of Edgar Wright, Joe Cornish and even - allegedly - Tom Hardy.

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