Star Wars 8 Sketch Highlights Luke's Walking Stick

One of Luke Skywalker's new accessories, a walking stick, is the focus of a new sketch for Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Following his brief wordless cameo in The Force Awakens, the old Jedi Master has been the subject of much speculation as fans count down the days until Episode VIII. Pretty much everything about Luke post-Return of the Jedi has been kept under wraps, with small clues peppered throughout various canon materials (like novels). Even though some details about Luke in The Last Jedi have been revealed - such as his quest for the first Jedi Temple - his role in the sequel trilogy is largely a secret.

At this point in time, it's unknown if Luke will wield his famous green lightsaber (though Mark Hamill is teasing he will), but he will have a different object he'll hold near and dear to him on his quest: a walking stick. And thanks to a new drawing, viewers now have an idea of what that looks like.

The illustration comes courtesy Making Star Wars, who teamed up with artist Jared Jones (like they did for Supreme Leader Snoke) and shared a picture of Luke clutching his walking stick, as well as something that appears to be a lightning rod weapon. You can check it out for yourself in the space below:

A closeup of the walking stick indicates that it has what Making Star Wars calls a "dragon looking face" at the tip. It is unknown right now if its purpose is just to be a generic walking stick to help the elder Luke move around the landscape of Ahch-To or if it's something more significant. According to the rumors, it's simply a piece of wood that clicks to Luke's belt. Given its connection to Luke, fans may try to unpack a hidden meaning behind it, but odds are its appearance isn't meant to deceive. Moviegoers spent ample time theorizing Rey's staff belonged to Darth Plagueis, only for The Force Awakens to make no mention of Palpatine's old master. Until someone connected to the film comes out and says otherwise, it's best to look at this essentially as Luke's cane and nothing more.

What is interesting, however, is that the stage is being set for The Last Jedi to be in part a Lord of the Rings-esque journey where Luke and Rey look for the Temple on Ahch-To while training. Much has been said so far about how Episode VIII is quite different from the previous episodes in the saga, and this kind of story element is certainly new ground for the franchise to cover. Hopefully, the final product delivers on the promise, continuing the narrative in a compelling an interesting manner.

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Source: Making Star Wars

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