Star Wars: Luke & Rey Get Their Own EW Covers For The Last Jedi

Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) and Rey (Daisy Ridley) have each gotten their own Star Wars: The Last Jedi centered covers from EW. With the summer season coming to a close, all eyes will start to turn to the end of the year and the impending slate of fall/winter blockbusters. While Justice LeagueThor: Ragnarok, and others are bound to be big hits, no other 2017 release can quite match the anticipation for The Last Jedi. Its been nearly two years since Star Wars returned to the big screen and ended on the return of Luke, but now he will be stepping into the spotlight.

Based on the title and The Last Jedi teaser trailer, it has been made crystal clear that Luke will have a big role to play in the movie. Right next to him throughout his journey will be the franchise's newest lead - and potentially last Jedi - Rey. While they've been shown together for the most part so far, the new covers for EW splits them up.

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EW has revealed the two covers for their upcoming Star Wars: The Last Jedi heavy issue. Both covers feature the force wielders on Ahch-To, with the first showing Rey ready for action with the lightsaber fully ignited, while Luke is shown with his hood up and in serious thought. Check out the covers below:

With this being just the beginning of EW's continued coverage of The Last Jedi, the coming days should be filled with new details about the two pictured above - including even more photos. Fans are still wondering what exactly Luke has gone through since the destruction of the Empire, as it appears his search to better understand the Force and the Jedi's teachings did not go as planned. Whatever he found in the decades since has made him decide that the Jedi Order should come to an end. But, it looks as though he will still test and train Rey in the ways of the Force - just maybe not as a Jedi.

Rey, meanwhile, has just as many questions surrounding her and her hopeful mentor. Despite several hints in The Force Awakens, Rey's heritage has not been addressed and is a lingering question that many want answered. Not only that, but after her quickly mastering her abilities in the second half of Episode 7, showing her grow in the Force and learn to better harness the Force, is something that many are looking forward to.

Luke and Rey are just two pieces to the larger puzzle that director Rian Johnson will be piecing together in The Last Jedi, as he also returns most of the cast and is in charge of introducing some new characters, while also shedding more light on some underserved ones. With a true ensemble at his disposal, there will undoubtedly be existing questions that go unanswered. However, there is reason to believe Luke and Rey will have no shortage of screen time to give more of their backstories and mix in some great lightsaber duels, to boot.

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Source: EW

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