Star Wars 8: Josh Gad Begs Daisy Ridley for Last Jedi Explanation

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The Star Wars community has been buzzing over the last few days. It's been over a year since audiences saw the ending to Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens, wherein Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) and Rey (Daisy Ridley) met at last. The hope from fans has been that Luke will train Rey in the ways of the Jedi and bring the faction of force users back to prominence. However, with Lucasfilm revealing the full title for the sequel to be Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi, it has left everyone wondering who is the last Jedi.

Fans have been quick to point out that the opening crawl to The Force Awakens calls Luke "the last Jedi," making it seem clear that this could be a reference to him. That said, the word Jedi is both singular and plural depending on its use, leading some to wonder if the Jedi faction as a whole could be in trouble. While most do not have direct access to anyone who could shed light on these answers, Josh Gad does - and has taken it upon himself to do just that.

Gad is currently working on Murder on the Orient Express with Ridley, so once the Star Wars: Episode VIII title was revealed, he placed a call to her to stop by his trailer for a quick chat. In an effort to try and get a confessional out of Ridley, Gad recorded his interrogation of Ridley and has posted the video on Instagram:

I invited #daisyridley to my trailer under false pretenses. #NotARehearsal #IWantTheTruth #TheLastJedi

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While it is not surprising that Ridley would not give away any details about the meaning of the title, it does not make the attempt and the exchange between the two any less funny. Gad tries to play it cool and make it sound like his question is about the scene they are going to shoot today and even compliments Ridley to further put her in a good mood, but all of this did not do enough to make Ridley let the secret slip.

To his credit, there is seemingly no way anybody will get anyone involved with The Last Jedi to reveal who the title is referring to or if it is being used in a singular or plural sense. Gad still tries his hardest here, going as far to confirm Olaf's return for Frozen 2. In fact, there is so much secrecy surrounding Episode VIII that Ridley will not even confirm whether or not Rey is actually a Jedi.

This topic is sure to be a highly discussed one among the Star Wars community up until Episode VIII's release. The trailers and eventual cast interviews could lay further clues along the way, but it'll take more than a Frozen 2 detail and some compliments to figure out the meaning. Even though he did not get the information he or anyone else desired out of Ridley, it was a valiant attempt by Gad nonetheless.

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