Star Wars: John Williams Is Already Scoring The Last Jedi

John Williams conducting orchestra

The Skywalker family saga of the Star Wars film franchise has seen a wide collection of directors, actors, and crew members over its 40-year history, but there has been one constant through the eight episodes. We speak of the living legend John Williams, who has composed the musical scores for the series' first seven installments and returns once again for December's Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Williams is frequently cited as one of the main reasons why Star Wars became the widespread phenomenon it is today, and there's no denying his work is ingrained in the property's DNA. That he's still at it well into his 80s is remarkable and something many fans appreciate.

Thanks to tracks such as "Rey's Theme" and "The Jedi Steps" on the Episode VII soundtrack, Williams demonstrated that he can still craft memorable themes for the galaxy far, far away, and many are eager to hear what he has in store for Star Wars 8. Writer/director Rian Johnson has been in post-production for a while now, and Williams was beginning the process of writing the new score back in December 2016, before the premiere of Rogue One. Now, an update on his progress indicates that he's far along, staying in line with his intended schedule.

On Twitter, filmmaker Robert Meyer Burnett relayed the following information, revealing that Williams is conducting the score so far ahead of the Last Jedi debut (10 months before release) partially so Johnson can use the music while editing the final picture:

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