Star Wars 8 Rumor: Finn's On A Mission

Finn (John Boyega) Wallpaper for Star Wars 7

WARNING: This post contains POSSIBLE SPOILERS for The Last Jedi


To date, much of the discussion about Star Wars: The Last Jedi has revolved around Rey and Luke Skywalker's dynamic, specifically the former's training on Ahch-To. However, that is merely one storyline in the film. There is still the matter of the conflict between the Resistance and First Order, and it will be interesting to see how that unfolds. Both factions were dealt massive blows in The Force Awakens (the destruction of the Hosnian system and Starkiller base, respectively), sending the warring sides into a state of chaos. It goes without saying that the two groups will be looking for any upper hand they can get in Episode VIII.

This is where Finn, the First Order stormtrooper turned Resistance hero, comes in. Though he took a lightsaber to the back in Star Wars 7, he's supposedly going to be stronger than ever in The Last Jedi thanks to some flashy new bacta therapy. From the sound of it, Finn is going to need all the strength he can get, since his new mission puts him directly in the crosshairs of the enemy.

Per Making Star Wars, Finn's objective this time around is to infiltrate a First Order Super Star Destroyer, which is designed a little differently than its original trilogy counterpart. This requires Finn to go undercover wearing a First Order officer's uniform while on-board. In line with a previous rumor about Tom Hardy's possible cameo as the "celebrity stormtrooper" (following Daniel Craig in Episode VII), Finn encounters a soldier he knew from his time in the First Order, and is congratulated on receiving a promotion. Apparently, word of FN-2187's exploits on Starkiller base hasn't spread through all ranks just yet. Making Star Wars includes a drawing of what Finn could look like, decked out in all-black attire.

John Boyega as Finn in Force Awakens

Interestingly enough, Finn is said to be accompanied by Kelly Marie Tran's mystery character (said to be an "information broker") while on the Super Star Destroyer, and the two have to plant explosives on the ship. It's somewhat fascinating that it is not Poe Dameron, who became fast friends with Finn in The Force Awakens. Many viewers are hoping to see more of Finn and Poe together in The Last Jedi, so it is a little disappointing to consider they're not teaming up to take down a Star Destroyer. That said, Poe is apparently going to be busy dealing with Laura Dern's character (believed to be General Leia's political rival), so he may not have the time. But with so little known about Star Wars 8 at this juncture, anything is possible.

Regardless of who exactly joins Finn on his mission, many will be pleased to hear that the antagonists do not have a planet-destroying weapon as the big thing that needs to be taken out. Between Death Stars and Starkiller base, this has been the main threat in four of the eight live-action films, and it's nice Rian Johnson has something else planned. It's clear the First Order is well-resourced, but after what transpired in Force Awakens, they should be on their heels a bit, looking to regroup - especially since The Last Jedi picks up moments after Star Wars 7 left off. If they lose one of their command ships in the next battle, the First Order could become more vulnerable and desperate, which is exactly what the Resistance wants.

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Source: Making Star Wars

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