Finn Causes More Damage to The Resistance Than Kylo Ren

This article contains spoilers for Star Wars: The Last Jedi.


Star Wars: The Last Jedi is in many ways a movie about failure. Characters on both sides make rash decisions, which ultimately come back to haunt them. Finn haphazardly executes a secret - and half-baked - plan to help the Resistance escape from the First Order. Ironically, in his attempts to help the Resistance, Finn ends up hurting the Resistance more than Kylo Ren ever has. Both Finn and Kylo make decisions that end up working against them, and Finn especially is going to have to come to terms with the deadly consequences of his rash actions.

Adam Driver as Kylo Ren in Star Wars The Last Jedi

Before considering the ramifications of Finn's actions, we should consider Kylo's as well. Finn is more destructive than Kylo in part because Kylo Ren is preoccupied with Rey; for most of the film, Kylo is not involved with the First Order's assault on the Resistance ships. During the initial battle, when Kylo pilots his TIE Silencer, he blows up a docking bay full of ships, but refrains from blowing up the bridge where his mother and other senior officers of the Resistance are gathered. After that point, Kylo's attention shifts to finding and turning Rey to the dark side of the Force. As a result, General Hux is responsible for many of the First Order's decisions that cripple the Resistance fleet.

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Since Kylo kills Supreme Leader Snoke, he also ends up causing some breakdown in the chain of command. His obsession with killing Luke Skywalker makes Luke the perfect decoy as the few remaining Resistance members escape from the salt planet Crait. Kylo's decision-making is always personal, and this makes him a less effective Supreme Leader than the calculating and ruthless Snoke. If Snoke had been alive, it's quite possible that the Resistance would have never made it off Crait at all.

Additionally, Rey's presence on Crait is arguably because of Kylo Ren. If Kylo had not convinced Rey to come to the First Order, then she may not have realized the dire position of the Resistance, and she would have remained on Ahch-To with Luke. The Millennium Falcon ends up being the Resistance's only chance to escape off of Crait, and so Kylo Ren's actions accidentally helped to facilitate the escape of the Resistance.

Finn, by comparison, tries to help the Resistance, but ends up being a part of its destruction. Along with Rose Tico, Finn hatches a plan to help the Resistance escape from the clutches of the First Order. They will sneak onto the First Order ship that has a hyperspace tracking device, unlock the encryption to deactivate the device, and quietly jump the Resistance fleet to hyperspace before the First Order realizes what has happened. Consulting with Maz Kanata, Finn, Rose, and Poe Dameron learn that there is only one man in the universe who is up for the task, a high-roller at the casino on Canto Bight who wears a red plom bloom on the lapel of his jacket. Finn and Rose decide to go to Canto Bight to retrieve this man.

Of course, this plan is already the Resistance's "Hail Mary" against the First Order. C-3PO notes that Admiral Holdo would never approve of it - and she would be right. Taking a shuttle to search for a man who may or may not be on Canto Bight with only a pin as a guide is a terrible idea. Unknown to Rose, Finn, and Poe, Admiral Holdo has a plan of her own to secretly drop the Resistance forces off on the planet of Crait. It is a much better and safer idea, but Poe is convinced that Holdo's seeming inaction is going to get them all killed.

Finn and Rose's plan goes from bad to worse. They arrive on Canto Bight and promptly get arrested before they ever get to talk to the man with the red plom bloom. While in a prison cell, they meet the mysterious DJ, who, while he has some hacking skills is not the man with the red plom bloom and therefore not the man that Maz Kanata was talking about. Perhaps out of desperation, Finn and Rose take DJ back with them to infiltrate the First Order fleet.

This one decision ends up decimating the Resistance. Finn and Rose are not suspicious enough of DJ, and allow him to learn of Admiral Holdo's plan; Finn should have been more careful, since DJ clearly has no loyalty to either the First Order or the Resistance. Finn, Rose, and DJ get caught while trying to deactivate the First Order's tracking system. Finn and Rose watch as DJ betrays them, selling out out  the Resistance by telling the First Order about Admiral Holdo's plan. The First Order picks off the shuttles as they descend to the planet, killing a majority of the already numbered Resistance fighters.

Finn is reckless in The Last Jedi. He attempts to desert the Resistance at the first chance he gets, which inadvertently introduces him to Rose. Their mission to Canto Bight is a failure from start to finish: they have no plan, they are arrested for a parking violation, they bring the wrong person back even though Maz stressed that only one person in the galaxy could pull off this mission, they allow him to overhear top secret Resistance intel, and in their haphazard execution of a terrible plan, they get caught by the First Order. DJ was clearly not trustworthy, and he turns on the Resistance at the first opportunity. As a result, many Resistance fighters died senselessly.

In an odd turn of events, Finn would have done a better job protecting the Resistance if he had deserted in the beginning of the film. His actions in The Last Jedi are worse than doing nothing, because they end up getting Resistance fighters killed.

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