Star Wars 8 Fan-Made Poster Is Strong With The Force

Star Wars fan has crafted a beautiful theatrical poster for this December's The Last Jedi. Lucasfilm has kept their official marketing campaign characteristically brief to this point in time, but it's expected that will change in the near future. The studio appears to be replicating the promotional playbook they used for The Force Awakens, which means October will see a bevy of new materials, including a new trailer. Another poster should also be included when the advertising rollout heats up, and viewers have already gotten a look at two possible one-sheet concepts Lucasfilm is considering.

As is the case with any pop culture phenomenon, Star Wars is no stranger to fan art, as moviegoers express themselves and illustrate how the franchise has touched them in some way. Many times, fans like to take a stab at designing posters for their favorite movies, which can be better than the ones that are actually released. One talented Star Wars aficionado decided to design a new one-sheet for Episode VIII, and the results are gorgeous.

Posted by Reddit user shine_o, the poster includes several principal characters by making great use of the recently leaked promotional pictures of the cast and photos from this spring's Vanity Fair spread. It also borrows part of the aesthetic from the D23 character posters, which heavily featured the color red. You can look at the fan-made creation in the space below:

Part of what makes this artwork so great is that it could easily be the official Last Jedi theatrical poster, as the imagery hints at the larger themes that will run through the film. Rey, of course, is front and center, looking determined as she starts her training. The look of Kylo Ren unmasked clutching his helmet is quite poetic, since the villain will be on a personal mission to prove himself, perhaps becoming his own man (and not just a Vader wannabe). The likes of Leia, Poe Dameron, Finn, and Rose Tico are grouped together, illustrating the Resistance's continuing fight against the First Order. And Luke Skywalker looms large over everyone; his true nature a mystery as he appears ominous with his hood up and arms spread out. Lucasfilm's alleged "antagonist version" of the real Episode VIII poster included the old Jedi, so Rian Johnson could have some tricks up his sleeve.

It will be interesting to see what Disney/Lucasfilm ultimately goes with for the official theatrical poster, but hopefully someone in their marketing department is privy to this and takes some pointers. The artwork looks like it would be right at home on a collector's wall next to the poster for The Force Awakens. Fortunately, we only have to wait a couple more months before the next promotional blitz.

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Source: Reddit

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