The Last Jedi Falls Behind Jurassic World at Domestic Box Office

Rian Johnson's Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi just passed $300 million at the domestic box office and is now currently trailing Jurassic World. Colin Trevorrow's long-awaited Jurassic Park sequel, Jurassic World, broke numerous box office records when it hit theaters in 2015. It temporarily held the records for both the highest-grossing domestic opening and the highest-grossing worldwide opening of all-time, both of which were surpassed by J.J. Abrams' Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens in December of the same year.

Logically, the sequel to the highest-grossing film of all-time at the domestic box office, The Last Jedi, should be able to rake in hefty sums as well - and it certainly has. The Last Jedi started out with a colossal opening weekend. The film earned the second highest-grossing domestic opening ever ($220 million) and the fifth highest-grossing opening globally ($450 million). It has already passed the $600 million mark thanks to strong turnout in international markets. And while it continues to post top numbers domestically, it's no longer trailing right behind The Force Awakens' record-breaking theatrical run.

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According to Box Office Mojo, Star Wars: The Last Jedi has now grossed $321 million at the domestic box office, thanks to an estimated $24 million gross on Friday, December 22. Combined with its international haul thus far, The Last Jedi currently stands at approximately $635 million worldwide. Those numbers should see quite a bump over the holiday weekend. The film is also well on its way to breaking the billion-dollar threshold before the year's end. However, the sequel may need to rely more on international markets than anticipated.

The Last Jedi garnered $321.2 million in eight days at the domestic box office, whereas The Force Awakens raked in a comparable $325.4 million in only five days. To put things into perspective, Jurassic World grossed $325.3 million in eight days, thus dropping Lucasfilm's latest Star Wars chapter behind the fourth Jurassic installment.

In 2015, The Force Awakens grossed just under $150 million over the Christmas weekend (also its second weekend). So, The Last Jedi should be able to pull in $100 million by the end of the four-day holiday, thus pushing the film passed the $400 million mark. But it remains to be seen when The Last Jedi will cross that coveted threshold - if it does at all - throughout the weekend (Jurassic World hit $402 million in 10 days). As it stands, The Last Jedi is currently trailing Jurassic World at the domestic box office but has a chance to gain some ground over the holiday weekend and prop itself back in front of the dino-themed film.

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Source: Box Office Mojo

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