Star Wars 8 is 'Different' According to Early Rough Cut Reactions

Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi star Daisy Ridley says early reactions to a rough cut version of the film are calling it "different." After waiting for over a year for their first completed footage from the film, Star Wars fans everywhere were overjoyed when Rian Johnson, Kathleen Kennedy, and a number of the main cast members revealed the first official trailer for The Last Jedi. The reveal came at the end of The Last Jedi's special panel at Star Wars Celebration Orlando, and in addition to the first poster for Episode VIII, the movie has set the entire Star Wars fandom and the internet ablaze ever since.

Predictably, and in typical Lucasfilm fashion, the first trailer for The Last Jedi didn't necessarily reveal much story-wise about the highly anticipated eighth installment, but that didn't stop fans from immediately speculating and dissecting every frame of it nonetheless. Specifically, fans instantly noticed and began praising the film's unique visual style and tone. Not to mention the thought-provoking final tease, where Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) seemingly declared his desire to put an end to the entire Jedi Order forever.

It looks like Disney and Lucasfilm are already more than aware of how different The Last Jedi is compared to the rest of the Star Wars films though. In fact, while speaking with Fandango at Celebration earlier today, Rey herself, Daisy Ridley, said that she's talked to a couple of people who have seen an early rough cut of The Last Jedi. According to the actress, the word "different" was used more than a few times when they began describing it to her:

"I've spoken to a number of people that have seen a rough cut, and everyone's like, 'It's different. It's different.' So I think with Rian's vision and his image, and also I think he had J.J., who you know brought all the old fans back and the new fans in and he had all this stuff. Rian, I think, had more room to kind of do his thing."

Star Wars The Last Jedi teaser trailer - Millennium Falcon

Ridley's right to give a lot of credit for The Last Jedi's unusual approach and tone to Johnson, since anyone who's familiar with the filmmaker's work up until this point, could see his style and voice still shining through very clearly, just in the teaser trailer alone. Johnson's presence in the film though, aside from just the fact that he's the director on the project, isn't surprising for anyone who's been paying careful attention to his process in creating and developing the sequel.

A lot of credit must be given to Disney and Lucasfilm as well, for having the faith in Johnson's vision and voice to let him have as much control over such an important title on their slate as he does. After all, this is the first time that a Star Wars film not directed and written by George Lucas only has one credited screenwriter on it, which should speak to how much Johnson managed to grab ahold of the tone and heart of this franchise. Specifically, he appears to have been especially decisive in how he wanted to keep the momentum and story going from where The Force Awakens left off. The result may very well be the darkest Star Wars film to date, but also the most mythological and daring.

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