The first real look at General Leia Organa in Star Wars: The Last Jedi was revealed during the Star Wars 40th Anniversary Panel at Celebration 2017. This year’s convention got off to a rousing start as numerous people from the galaxy far, far away (including George Lucas and Harrison Ford in surprise appearances) came together to reflect on four decades of one of the most iconic pop culture phenomenons. It was a rather emotional experience for fans, ending with a touching and heartfelt tribute to the late Carrie Fisher.

Fisher, who tragically passed away in late 2016, will appear once more as her iconic character Leia Organa in The Last Jedi in what is reportedly a larger role when compared to The Force Awakens. With Episode VIII featuring many moving parts, several viewers are curious to see how the Resistance general fits into the narrative, which is not going to be altered to address Fisher’s death. Moviegoers are going to have to wait until at least the first Star Wars 8 trailer to get a better idea of that, but for now, a new image of Fisher in-costume has been revealed.

The video tribute to Fisher that premiered at the end of the 40th Anniversary panel included a glimpse of the actress on the Last Jedi set with writer/director Rian Johnson. Star Wars News Net was able to snag a screen shot and shared it on social media. You can see the picture below:

While there isn’t much to it, the image does briefly showcase Leia’s Star Wars 8 costume, which is simple in its design. It looks similar to the outfit Fisher was wearing in a behind-the-scenes photo Oscar Isaac shared back in December, though it may not be the same exact one. Either way, it’s clear that Leia’s Episode VIII attire is going to starkly contrast from Laura Dern’s Admiral Holdo, who is said to resemble something out of the prequels with pink hair and a regal gown. Even when the Princess is dressed formally as she is here, she’s not wearing anything that elaborate. This fits Leia’s personality as a boots-on-the-ground leader who is always ready to take action, and it will be interesting to see the various differences between her and Holdo when The Last Jedi opens.

After Leia had a minimal part in Episode VII, the prospect of her having more to do in the sequel is certainly exciting. Not only does she have to continue leading the Resistance, Leia also has to deal with the immediate fallout of her son murdering Han Solo – a crushing blow for her personally. Fortunately, she still has much to contribute to the saga and will return for Colin Trevorrow’s Episode IX via unused footage of Fisher. How her arc ultimately concludes is one of the sequel trilogy’s biggest questions, but Lucasfilm seems to be on the right track to do Fisher and Leia both justice.

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Source: Star Wars News Net

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