Star Wars: 16 Cameos You Completely Missed In The Last Jedi

Joseph Gordon Levitt Greg Grunberg and Tom Hardy Cameos in Star Wars The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is packed with hidden details, not least a host of impressive cameos by famous faces - both from the real world and the galaxy far, far away. Rian Johnson's Episode VIII is a very serious affair, featuring the deaths of several major characters and a complete redefining of our understanding of the Force, but it's not void of jokes, nor cool throwback appearances.

As anybody who's seen the movie will have noted, Episode VIII had some pretty obvious cameos. Not least among them is Yoda, who returns as a Force Ghost to give Luke advice on being a true Jedi mentor to Rey. While that's certainly awesome - especially as it sees Frank Oz return to the role after twelve years away (the characters' voice cameo in The Force Awakens was repurposed dialogue) - it's far too obvious and well-known to be missed. Today we want to dig a bit deeper and look at the surprise celebrities and returning characters that might have passed you by.

Here are 15 Cameos You Completely Missed In The Last Jedi.

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17 Honourable Mention - The Princes

It had been heavily hyped up in the lead up to Stars Wars: The Last Jedi that real royalty would be coming to the galaxy far, far away. During production, Prince William and Prince Harry visited the set of the film and, per John Boyega, filmed a scene as stormtroopers.

The two members of the royal family even walked the red carpet at the European premiere of The Last Jedi in London, where BB-8 showed its respect for them by bowing as they passed. However, Princes Harry and William are not recognizable in the film, and for good reason: they were cut at the last minute. They apparently took their deletion with good homor, but hopefully they do appear in the film's deleted scenes.

16 Snap Wexley

Greg Grunberg as Snap Wexley in Star Wars The Force Awakens

One of the most overt filmmaker cameos in The Force Awakens was Greg Grunberg as ace Resistance pilot Snap Wexley. J.J. Abrams has worked with Grunberg since starring on Felicity and the actor has since shown up in many of his shows and movies - most noticeably as the pilot in Lost. He had to sit out Star Trek due to a scheduling conflict, but was able to do Star Wars. Grunberg wound up getting a pretty hefty part, doing reconnaissance on Starkiller Base and providing Poe support in the final battle.

Due to the Abrams connection, it didn't look like Snap would return in Rian Johnson's film. However, he can be seen at the very start in the final craft to leave D'Qar, also containing Billie Lourd's Lieutenant Connix. He's not seen later in the film, suggesting that he was killed in one of the earlier skirmishes.

15 "Gary Fisher"

Gary Fisher and his Alien in Star Wars The Last Jedi

Carrie Fisher always said her main goal was to get Gary Fisher into one of the Star Wars movies. Gary was Fisher's dog and a celebrity in his own right, with over 150k followers on Instagram. Forever at his owner's (or, as he says on social media, mother's) side, he became a staple of Carrie's public appearances. And, she did get her wish for him to be in Star Wars. Sort of.

An alien inspired by Gary appears as one of the many creatures on Canto Bight, as confirmed recently by Rian Johnson on Twitter. He's truly blink-and-you'll-miss-it in the movie itself, but the bug-eyed creature seen in the background of the above shot of Finn and Rose is unmistakably inspired by Gary. It's just a shame Johnson wasn't able to recreate his notorious lolling tongue.

14 Warwick Davis

Where Are They Now Warwick Davis in Star Wars

You can't make a Star Wars movie without Warwick Davis. Since playing Wicket in Return of the Jedi (and the Ewok TV movies that should never be mentioned), Davis has since appeared in all films in a variety of small roles, usually under makeup (although his face did appear on-screen in The Phantom Menace). He's even lent his voice to Star Wars Rebels as Rukh.

So, of course, he's in The Last Jedi. Davis appears during the Canto Bight sequence as Wodibin, a short, flat-nosed alien gambler. Per The Visual Dictionary, he's one of a trio from an unusually lucky species known as Suertons who scamp around the casino having fun. We couldn't tell, but he's unlikely to have had fun when Finn and Rose broke out the Fathiers.

13 Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Headshot of Joseph Gordon-Levitt As Yoda The Force Awakens

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is a Rian Johnson film through-and-through, so of course his long-time collaborator Joseph Gordon-Levitt appears. The multi-talented actor broke out of child star confines with Johnson's debut, high-school noir Brick, and had a semi-obvious panning cameo in The Brother's Bloom before returning to center stage as a younger version of Bruce Willis in Looper. His (voice-only) cameo was confirmed earlier this year, and the eventual film didn't disappoint.

JGL provides the voice for Slowen Lo, the alien who accosts Finn and Rose when they land on Canto Bight and later reports them to security. As promised, Gordon-Levitt only provides the voice, unfortunately, but it's a nice part all the same.

The Visual Dictionary expands on the curmudgeonly character, revealing he "made a fortune selling driftwood sculptures" and now lives by the beach (explaining his anger at the rebels).

12 Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy in Dunkirk

Perhaps the most publicized appearance (it was first reported in May 2016), Tom Hardy's cameo is one of the most confounding of The Last Jedi. Per multiple corroborated reports, he was going to play a stormtrooper in an extension of the gag part played by Daniel Craig in The Force Awakens. And, just as Bond fell subject to a mind trick, Hardy would find himself fooled by our heroes. In this case, he was one of Finn's academy friends who recognized him while undercover but erroneously believed him to be a First Order mole in the Resistance.

Of course, this moment isn't in the film, nor is there any other speaking trooper that can be directly identified as Hardy. We must thus conclude that, like with the Princes, the scene was cut. That said, it's likely he remains in there somewhere in a connective shot; we just need someone to point it out.

11 Justin Theroux

Kevin Carroll and Justin Theroux in The Leftovers Season 2 Episode 10

Laura Dern isn't the only David Lynch vet to appear in The Last JediJustin Theroux's cameo was revealed earlier this year, making him one of the most high-profile "easy to miss" cameos. The Leftovers star plays the Master Codebreaker who Maz sends Finn and Rose to Canto Bight to uncover before they get arrested and have to instead settle for Benicio del Toro's DJ.

Although he's in the movie for just a few seconds, shown as a James Bond-esque casino player, thanks to The Visual Dictionary we learn a bit more about the character. Known only as Master Codebreaker, he's something of a legend on Canto Bight, and so is banned from playing any electronic games in the casino, forced by the management to only play dice. We're sure he still finds a way to cheat.

10 Lily Cole

Lily Cole in The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus

There's another potentially familiar face in Canto Bight's casino along with Theroux. Lily Cole is a fashion model who's dabbled in acting, perhaps best known for her central part in The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. Now she's made the hyperspace jump to the galaxy far, far away.

There's perhaps no one better to show off the opulence of Canto, so she appears in the introductory panning shot of the casino floor and later alongside Theroux and is immediately recognizable care of her rectangular hairstyle. In the credits themselves, Cole is simply named "Party Girl".

However, in The Visual Dictionary, we learn a little more about her. Her name is still a mystery - a common thread throughout all Canto Bight characters - but she goes by "Lovely".

9 Noah Segan

Noah Segan as Kid Blue in Looper

Joseph Gordon-Levitt isn't the only actor to appear in all of Rian Johnson's films: as the actor himself alluded to out on Twitter, Noah Segan also has a part to play. Segan played high school "gangster" Dode in Brick, The Duke in The Brother's Bloom, and perhaps most memorably Kid Blue in Looper. If you need a guy to be full of coiled energy, he's your actor.

In The Last Jedi, however, he's finally switched sides and is playing a good guy; he's a Resistance pilot during the start of the film. He's seen boarding an X-Wing during the second, Kylo Ren-led First Order assault, and given what happens to the rest of the hangar, was presumably killed. Still, not as humiliating as Kid Blue's death.

8 Admiral Raddus

Raddus in Rogue One and Star Wars The Last Jedi

Admiral Raddus was the first Rebel leader to bring the fight against the Empire, providing backup to Jyn Erso and her team in Rogue One before the main Alliance approved the start of action. Of course, he died at the end of the Star Wars Story, killed when Darth Vader bombarded his cruiser, but that doesn't mean his legend doesn't live on.

You can't have missed the Mon Calamari cruiser in The Last Jedi, although it's easy enough to not know it's named after Raddus; this was confirmed around the time of Force Friday II but is never actually mentioned in the film. More than just a scant link to Rogue One, though, there's some nice mirroring her: Raddus was killed by a Star Destroyer pulling out of hyperspace in front of the Rebel fleet, while his namesake eventually brought down a mammoth Star Destroyer by blasting into it at lightspeed.

7 Classic Trilogy Vehicles

Battle of Hoth - Star Wars Land: 10 Attractions We Want to See

The sequel trilogy has been full of updates on classic Star Wars vehicles - even the Millennium Falcon got a new radar dish - with most of the original designs resigned to being scrap on the planet of Jakku, remnants of long-ago battle.

They're not all gone, however. The First Order may have the updated AT-M6 for their ground assault on Crait, but they bring along with them more standardized AT-ATs. Earlier in the film, DJ look at the sales history of the owner of the ship he stole, including a very faithful looking version of the TIE Interceptor and TIE Bomber. And, most excitingly, based on what we see in the film and cross-referencing with The Visual Dictionary, the ship Luke flew and crashed into Ahch-to's oceans is a classic T-65 X-Wing, with one of its s-foils serving as the door to his hut.

6 Edgar Wright (And His Brother and Joe Cornish)

Edgar Wright is known for cameos, albeit of his different sort; the movies he directs are normally full of famous faces, with the likes of Peter Jackson, Cate Blanchett, and Joe Cornish appearing in Hot Fuzz alone. He's jumped over to the other side for The Last Jedi. Wright is on good terms with Rian Johnson, and their friendship clearly extended to a bit part in the latter's Star Wars movie.

Edgar and his brother Oscar play Resistance fighters, seen oh-so-briefly on Crait. Also in the film as part of the same band of Rebels is the aforementioned Cornish, who's not just a friend of Wright's but is best known for directing John Boyega's breakout hit Attack the Block.

5 Ralph Ineson

ralph ineson the witch

Ralph Ineson has appeared in all manner of films and TV shows: he was brutish Finchy in The Office (UK), Ironborn commander Dagmer Cleftjaw in Game of Thrones, Death Eater Amycus Carrow in the later Harry Potter films, a Ravager in the first Guardians of the Galaxy and the father in The Witch. Now he can add Star Wars to his resume.

Ineson appears only briefly in the background during Finn and Rose's capture on the Supremacy. Credited as "Senior First Order Officer", he's the officer flanking BB-9E as Phasma arrives. Presuming that this sequence originally had lengthier moments (evidenced by the Princes being cut), we assume his role was originally a bit larger, but has now been reduced to a blink-and-you'll-definitely-miss-it cameo. Don't expect him back, given what happened to ship he served on.

4 Michael Giacchino, Matthew Wood, and Sam Witwer

Michael Giacchino General Grievous and Starkiller

Lucasfilm is a family and, once you're in - you're in (unless you're called Lord or Miller). Many mainstays of Star Wars worked on The Last Jedi and a handful lent their voices to the film. Namely, Michael Giacchino (who composed Rogue One's score), Matthew Wood (a prominent sound engineer and the voice of General Grievous), and Sam Witwer (Starkiller in The Force Unleashed, Palpatine in Rebels and all-around Star Wars mastermind).

As for who these three played, they likely don't have names. They weren't credited in the movie as cast, but as additional voices, so are going to form background vocals. Still, considering the prominence of the trio - especially Giacchino who, of course, didn't work on the film (John Williams composed) - they must be somewhat noticeable. Keep your ears primed.

3 Adrian Edmondson

Adrian Edmondson

It doesn't take long for The Last Jedi to start with the famous faces. Right after the opening scene, we jump to Poe's conversation with Hux and there's our first cameo. Assisting the angry General throughout the film is Captain Peavy, played by British sitcom legend Adrian Edmondson. Perhaps best known for the surreal The Young Ones and the greater and raunchier Bottom, Edmondson is a mainstay of TV comedy in the UK, where Episode VIII was filmed. With few film roles, The Last Jedi definitely stands out on his resume.

Peavy is one character heavily expanded upon in The Visual Dictionary, with it revealed he's a former Imperial who worked alongside Hux's father, thus possessing a rather unique (and disparaging) view of the First Order leader.

2 Gareth Edwards

Rogue One - Gareth Edwards on set

There's one cameo in The Last Jedi we've known about since before the previous Star Wars came out: the director of Rogue One would appear in it. At Star Wars Celebration 2016, a final future of Star Wars panel revealed that Episode VIII's Rian Johnson and producer Ram Bergman were the Death Star laser technicians and that the favor would be repeated (Phil Lord and Chris Miller were also set to cameo in Rogue One but missed their shooting date, an omen for their departure from the Han Solo film). There weren't any details on Edwards' cameo (although an image of him in costume was one of the first looks at the film), but it turns out that didn't matter.

Edwards plays a Resistance soldier on Crait and is the focus of the shot where a fellow fighter tastes the red crystals of the planet, remarking they're salty. Edwards pulls a face and we jump straight into the action. It's a brief comedic beat that works and pays off a friendly back-and-forth over a year in the making.

1 Mark Hamill

You can't have missed Mark Hamill in The Last Jedi. And it would have been churlish to suggest even in The Force Awakens his role - which was the length of a regular cameo but much more important - was something you'd miss. But we're not talking about Luke Skywalker. That's right: Hamill has two parts in the film.

Aside from Luke, the actor is best known for his voice roles and, perhaps to make up for having no lines in The Force Awakens, he gets a vocal part here. He's credited as Dobbu Scay, a character who's been given no explicit backstory so we can't place him yet. Based on word from Lucasfilm holocron Pablo Hidalgo, it's the creature seen putting coings into BB-8 (classic Mark pranking) and later stealing money during the Fathier rampage.


Did we miss any The Last Jedi cameos? Let us know in the comments!

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