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All the Behind-The-Scenes Features

Along with the actual in-movie footage, Lucasfilm has been more open than in the past about the making of The Last Jedi, gifting us with a selection of neat behind-the-scenes videos that show the sheer scale of the film.

Vanity Fair Photoshoot

This is more a behind-the-scenes of the Vanity Fair cover photoshoot released in May than it is of the movie itself, but it nevertheless provides some neat looks at the various sets and locations (some of which we'd not seen at this point). We also get some alternate angles of Annie Leibovitz's shoot.

D23 Behind-The-Scenes Sizzle Reel

Star Wars sat out SDCC this year, but did make a striking appearance at D23 with a three-minute sizzle reel that gave an incredibly detailed look at the making of the film. Building hype just as much as a regular trailer, this looks incredible and features some wonderful lines from the cast: not least a tear-jerking final bit from the late Carrie Fisher.

Directing The Last Jedi

Rian Johnson is The Last Jedi's mastermind, and given that he's been given an entirely new trilogy to build from the ground up has presumably delivered something truly special. This featurette follows the lifelong fan who grew up telling his own Star Wars stories on his journey to making Episode VIII, with the cast exemplifying his fresh take and overall enthusiasm.

Evolution of the Crystal Fox

Porg, schmorg. This featurette works against the internet's favorite obsession and instead focuses on the vulptex, the native creature to Crait that, over years of living on the mineral-heavy planet, have become crystalline, with sharp exteriors. These popped up in the D23 reel and official trailer, but this revealed just how practical the effects were in realizing them.

Training Featurette

Throughout The Last Jedi's marketing, there's been minimal sign of lightsaber dueling. That remains true, but this feature does put focus on the training for said combat. We see Daisy Ridley learn faster than even Rey, Adam Driver more ripped than is possibly imaginable, and a tantalizing final shot of Ridley going up against multiple assailants (presumably Snoke's Praetorian Guard).


That's all for now, but we'll be updating with any new content up to the release on December 15.

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