Star Wars: The Last Jedi Book Reveals New Sea Monsters

Chewbacca and a Porg in the Millennium Falcon in Star Wars The Last Jedi

Illustrations from an upcoming Star Wars: The Last Jedi kids' book reveal a new sea creature that's native to Ahch-To. This past week saw several new key details about the highly-anticipated sequel come to light, including the aliens that are keeping Luke Skywalker company in his self-imposed exile. The cute porgs have already made plenty of waves, and the extensive coverage from EW also debuted the amphibian-like Caretakers to the world. Whereas the porgs seem to just be adorable animals, the Caretakers are said to look after the buildings on Ahch-To, tolerating the presence of their grumpy guest in the process.

These two new species are exciting, but they're hardly the only indigenous creatures to Ahch-To. A couple of months ago, a sketch of a sea monster perched on a rocky cliff appeared online, depicting yet another addition to the already extensive list of Star Wars critters. Now, that same creature has been confirmed to be a part of the film.

Recently, a children's look and find book covered some basic plot information about The Last Jedi, detailing how the movie opens. The pages (hat tip Reddit) that show a scene from Ahch-To feature a plethora of porgs hopping around, but there's also something a little larger lingering off to the side. Looking out towards the water on the cliffs are two sea monsters, who seem to be lounging and enjoying life as the Millennium Falcon arrives. You can see the picture by clicking on the link below:

Click for Ahch-To Sea Monster Image

Star Wars News Net's sketch of the sea monster

Since these creatures were not part of EW's massive spread, there's very little viewers know about them at this point in time. Previous reports indicated they stand around 9-feet tall and will be brought to life through the magic of practical effects. It's said the sea monster is a puppet that can fit two human operators inside, so it'll be interesting to see them onscreen and how they factor into the movie. Some rumors have pointed to Rey fighting a creature on Ahch-To as a test to prove her worth to Luke, though all has been quiet on that front for the last few months. That would make a fascinating set piece, giving the young heroine a new challenge as she works on enhancing her skills while training.

When audiences first saw Ahch-To at the end of The Force Awakens, it appeared uninhabited with Luke as possibly the only living thing there. Thankfully, that turned out to not be the case, and Episode VIII writer/director Rian Johnson used his creativity to flesh out the planet's population, creating all-new aliens that are unlike anything moviegoers have seen in the galaxy far, far away. With much of The Last Jedi focusing on Rey's tumultuous dynamic with Luke, viewers should be spending a lot of time on the world, exploring all it has to offer.

Source: Reddit

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