The Last Jedi 16-Bit Trailer Earns Star Wars 8 Director's Approval

A new video recreating the trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi in a 16-bit video game format has caught the attention of Episode VIII filmmaker Rian Johnson. The writer-director, of course, presented the first trailer for The Last Jedi at the end of the cast and crew panel for the film at Star Wars Celebration in Orlando last month, giving Star Wars fans their long awaited first glimpse at the eighth episode in the Skywalker family saga. Not surprisingly, the internet was flooded afterward with recreations of the trailer – mostly from LEGO brick builders, which has been common practice not only for Star Wars movies, but any tentpole sci-fi or superhero film that comes down the pike

Taking a much different and far more unique approach, JoBlo this week posted a 16-bit trailer (even though they technically refer to it as 8-bit) for The Last Jedi. Of course, The Last Jedi trailer mostly featured Rey (Daisy Ridley) and Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) - who did more in the preview than he did in his entire role in The Force Awakens - but in JoBlo's version, they ingeniously broadened the perspective to some of the events in the trailer without changing the context of the footage.

The 16-bit trailer for The Last Jedi hearkens the classic NES video game format all around, from the retro video game music (set to John Williams' ominous new variation on the Star Wars theme) to an avatar of Luke and scripts of his dialogue. The 16-bit trailer was so pleasing to Johnson, in fact, that he tweeted a nostalgic response to it Wednesday:

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