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Star Wars: Rey Gives Luke the Lightsaber

Though Star Wars fans still have a ways to wait before a trailer for Episode VIII premieres, Lucasfilm has started their push for the highly-anticipated sequel. Today, the studio announced the film's official title as Star Wars: The Last Jedi, and the Internet has been abuzz ever since. Viewers are trying to determine the meaning(s) of the name, particularly how it pertains to two key characters: Luke Skywalker and Rey. Given that they are the only Light Side users at this point in galactic history, it would seem that they are the last Jedi Episode VIII is referring to. After all, writer/director Rian Johnson said their dynamic is a major component of the film.

Star Mark Hamill is a big fan of the title, praising The Last Jedi for its minimalist sensibilities. Many are probably curious to see what his on-screen pupil, Daisy Ridley, had to say about the reveal. The actress has enjoyed watching the reactions dominate the news cycle, and now she's posted one meme in particular she's quite fond of.

Taking to her Facebook page, Ridley shared a picture credited to @heroeslab, which places photographs of Ridley looking excited side-by-side with Star Wars 8's title card. Using the hashtag #YOUWHAT, Ridley is having fun with the notion that Rey is the last Jedi. Check it out below:

This should not be perceived as Ridley (now a veteran of preserving Lucasfilm's secrets) violating any non-disclosure agreements and sharing information she's not supposed to, but it will nevertheless generate much discussion over the title. Of course, Luke can be considered the last Jedi (and was called as such in The Force Awakens), but many Star Wars fans know that Jedi can also be plural. As Rey continues her journey and begins training with Skywalker on Ahch-To, she will essentially become a Jedi apprentice, meaning the title can apply to both her and Luke. Together, they are the final hope for the galaxy as the Resistance wages a war against the First Order. Since the Jedi Order had a legendary history of failing, it will be interesting to see if The Last Jedi has any thematic meanings. For now, however, there's much speculation over its implications for the characters.

The Last Jedi announcement will only increase demand for a teaser (if that is possible), since the first footage will present much for fans to dissect as they try to piece together the storyline. Rogue One is still in the midst of its box office run (recently crossing the $1 billion mark), but soon Episode VIII will be the primary focus for Disney and Lucasfilm. With all the dangling threads from The Force Awakens still waiting to be answered, there will be plenty of unpacking to do over the next 11 months. The title is just the first clue, and there's no telling where things will go from here.

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  • Star Wars 8/Star Wars: The Last Jedi (2017) release date: Dec 15, 2017
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