John Boyega Says Finn Going Undercover In Star Wars 8 Was 'Fun'

John Boyega teases just what Finn's undercover mission in this year's Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi will entail for the character. Boyega's character had one of the biggest arcs in The Force Awakens, starting out as a First Order stormtrooper sent out on his first mission, before transitioning to scared deserter, hesitant companion to Daisy Ridley's Rey and BB-8, and finally, a full-fledged hero of the Resistance. However, Finn's journey also gave the character's fate an ambiguous edge by the time The Force Awakens had concluded, with the character last being seen unconscious and in medical recovery, following his lightsaber duel with Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) on Starkiller Base.

Disney and Lucasfilm have been predictably tight-lipped about releasing any and all story details from The Last Jedi before the film hits theaters this December, which means that the trajectories of many of the film's characters have remained shrouded in mystery. Perhaps no character's story has been quite as mysterious up until this point though, as Finn's, with the character said to wake up at some point in the film, where he will subsequently be assigned a dangerous mission alongside Kelly Marie Tran's Rose.

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Boyega and the rest of his cast members have been understandably withholding about releasing any new details from the film during interviews over the past few months, but while recently speaking with IGN about The Last Jedi, Boyega did open up a little bit about Finn's surprising "undercover" mission in the film:

"Well, it's like imagine you work at McDonald's. You push your manager into a chute compactor and then a year later you decide to go back dressed as one of the colleagues. It's not the best situation. There's a lot of chasing, there's a mission that needs to be completed but that isn't necessarily something that doesn't come without a fight and it's something that he's gonna have to face for himself.

But it was fun for me. I always wanted to go undercover. Star Wars undercover is different because you wear a hat and all of a sudden no one recognizes you. ... I'd be thinking to myself walking in one of those scenes, isn't anyone gonna go, 'Wait, isn't that Finn?' Do you know what I mean? But such is the magic of Star Wars. It's fun. It's fun to do. It's cool."

While it's been known for a little bit that Finn's story will involve him going on a dangerous mission for the Resistance in The Last Jedi, fans have only just recently gotten to see some teases of the undercover aspect of his mission, as Finn was seen wearing First Order garb in The Last Jedi's BTS featurette that was released during this year's D23 Expo in Anaheim.

At the same event, Boyega subsequently revealed that Finn's mission would bring him into battle with Gwendoline Christie's Captain Phasma, and it sounds more and more like Finn's return to the First Order (though undercover this time) will reflect, in some way, the character's decision to finally choose a side in The Last Jedi. So while comparisons to the undercover nature of Rogue One's third act last year are inevitable, it's hard to think of a more poetic way for Finn to prove himself, once and for all, as a loyal member of the Resistance, than by making him return to the side on which he was originally raised and trained to serve.

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Source: IGN

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