Star Wars 8 Cave Paintings Will Deepen the Jedi Mythology

Star Wars The Last Jedi teaser trailer - Books

Star Wars: The Last Jedi will expand on the mythology of the Jedi when the film arrives in December. And it's going to do so using cave paintings, presumably on Ahch-To, where Luke is hiding in self-exile. The next film in the franchise will give fans a wider understanding of both sides of the Force, and perhaps a reasoning behind the Jedi and the Sith as it explores the history of the Jedi.

The first trailer for The Last Jedi showed off books near a tree-like structure. Some fans speculated that one of these has a similar look to the Journal of the Whills. The Journal of the Whills is an extremely old piece of Jedi scripture that George Lucas originally came up with when he created the original Star Wars trilogy, and plays an important part in the Jedi Order.

In the latest issue of EW, director Rian Johnson discussed his intentions to look further back into the history of the Jedi. He also spoke about refraining from using temples in the storyline, which is something we've seen in previous Star Wars films. The Last Jedi will instead reference the history of the Jedi and where the Order started through cave paintings that Rey will learn about.

“Hopefully it will be fun to discover in the context of the movie. My notion was this is a place that goes all the way back. This is where the cave paintings are. The first designs that we had were temples, and I just kept pushing it back and saying, No, think earlier, think earlier. Let’s push this all the way back and see how deep we can go into the foundations of where this all started."

Star Wars The Last Jedi Book and Luke’s Hand

Hopefully, The Last Jedi will provide an insight into early life in the religion and perhaps specific events that shaped the course of the Star Wars universe. Since the Journal of the Whills references the dark side of the Force in a poem, perhaps the film might tell us how the Sith were born. It's been teased that Luke might not be firmly on the light side of the Force. If he's read ancient Jedi text and studied early cave paintings, maybe he's learned the reasons behind the birth of the dark side and has since found an understanding of it?

That being said, he might not be completely on the dark side, but his understanding of it may cause him to hold a villainous role during The Last Jedi. We know that Mark Hamill struggled with Luke's motivations in the film, could this be because he's the antagonist? We'll have to wait a few more months to find out.

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Source: EW

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