Star Wars 8: Finn and Poe's Relationship 'Continues To Blossom'

John Boyega has good news for those anxious to find out what awaits Finn and Poe Dameron in Star Wars: The Last Jedi. In case you missed it, the official 2017 Star Wars Celebration is currently taking place in Orlando, Florida and is hosting a large chunk of cast and crew from the franchise's illustrious past, as well as its hugely successful present. With The Last Jedi next on the release calendar, it's not surprising that the movie's Celebration panel included some major reveals about the film - including, The Last Jedi teaser trailer.

Plenty of questions are on fans' lips, such as the role of Luke Skywalker, but some are also interested in what will become of the bromance between Finn and Poe Dameron. The duo meet very early in Episode VII - The Force Awakens, with John Boyega's reluctant Stormtrooper Finn helping Resistance operative Poe (Oscar Isaac) escape the clutches of the First Order. The two joyfully reunite later in the movie, with Poe allowing his new buddy to keep the jacket he lent him in one of the film's most heartwarming scenes.

During the Star Wars Celebration panel for The Last Jedi, Boyega was asked whether or not Episode VIII would see this friendship continue to blossom - especially since last time we saw Finn, he was in very bad shape after a scrap with Kylo Ren. In response, Boyega states:

Absolutely [their relationship continues to blossom]. Poe's my boy. There's always a new adventure for them to go on.

Finn and Poe Dameron in Star Wars The Force Awakens

Although the comments don't give much away about the direction either character will be headed in The Last Jedi - the actors will have been strictly briefed so as to not reveal the slightest spoiler - the quote does at least suggest that the duo will share more screen time in the forthcoming movie. The tease of "another adventure" also may hint at the possibility that the duo will be working as a team on Resistance missions in Episode VIII. The Force Awakens circumvented convention when it revealed that Rey was actually the new trilogy's lead Jedi, rather than Finn as suggested in the promo material. With the ex-Stormtrooper seemingly off lightsaber duty, working with the Resistance could be the most obvious path for him and who better to ride with than his best pal Poe.

Increased focus on this partnership could provide The Last Jedi with a great deal of humor, since the duo proved reasonably hilarious at times in Episode VII. Furthermore, since the Han and Chewie team has now been broken up (*sobs*) there is currently a vacancy in the Star Wars franchise for a duo who can bring the laughs but also kick ass when required.

With that said, it'll be interesting to see how both Finn and Poe tie into the overall narrative of The Last Jedi. At the end of the previous movie, Rey took off in search of Luke Skywalker and the new trilogy's main story seemed to surround the young woman, her new mentor and Kylo Ren. As such, both Finn and Poe seem to be peripheral figures - and although seeing more of their partnership may be welcome, it'll also need to mean something in the long run.

Source: John Boyega

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