Star Wars 8 Director Offers A Sneak Peek Inside the Edit Bay

Ram Bergman Rian Johnson and Kathleen Kennedy on the set of Star Wars The Last Jedi

It's four months until Star Wars: The Last Jedi hits theaters and Rian Johnson has shared an image from the film's edit bay. Marketing for The Last Jedi is poised to start ramping up soon, after all, Force Friday isn't far away. Johnson and the cast haven't been shy about sharing what they can for lucky fans from the Star Wars Celebration to paying attention to social media.

Explosions are a big part of the Star Wars universe, but this is sure to get the internet speculation machine up and running, as the question of what's blowing up will undoubtedly be the subject of much debate. While some people has already speculated that it's another planet going up, or perhaps another ship or weapon, one fan in the comments on the post suggested that it might be an image of some sort of base. Specifically a rebel base. That's an intriguing theory, as Johnson has promised that The Last Jedi will be a far more serious addition to the new trilogy.

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This isn't the first picture of the editing bay that director Rian Johnson has posted on Instagram. As with his previous post, photos like this are fun to look at, and their significance can't be ignored. Whatever's going on in this shot could potentially be important. If it's another ship or a base blowing up (especially if it's a rebel base) fans should keep their eyes peeled during the film to see if they can spot just when this shot takes place, so that the question it poses can be answered. Things blow up all the time though, so eagle-eyed watchers will have to be careful.

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However, this image could also wind up on the cutting room floor. That's the downside to these behind-the-scenes images. Whatever people see might not end up in the finished film. However, an explosion this size looks far too impressive to leave out of something like Star Wars. 

It may be that this little image is purposely innocuous, though, as Johnson said previously that fans should avoid future marketing for The Last Jedi if they can, as he wants them to go into the movie without having anything spoiled for them, or knowing which explosive (pun intended) moments will be a part of this super secret story. In which case, the fireball we're looking at here may be less important than we think. At any rate, we'll have to wait until December to find out.

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