Star Wars: The Last Jedi's Characters Make a Lot of Bad Decisions

Finn and Rose

Finn's heroism left over from the end of The Force Awakens is short-lived; he only meets Rose Tico as he tries to jump ship (literally) to save his own skin. He and Rose hatch a plan to save the Rebel fleet, and based on a tip from Maz Kanata they take a shuttle without permission, and go to Canto Bight to find a nameless code breaker with a red plom bloom, so they can somehow convince him to go on a suicide mission to sneak onto a First Order ship. What could go wrong?

This ramshackle plan is desperate at best. They do not know this person's name, even though Maz claims that he is the only person capable of pulling off such a feat. They don't know anything about him beyond a location and a brooch. But upon arriving at Canto Bight, it becomes clear that Rose and Finn also have no strategy, no aliases, and no compensation to offer to the mysterious wearer of the red plom bloom. Within minutes of arriving in the casino on Canto Bight, they are tasered by security and thrown into a cell. Instead of pursuing the hacker they came for, they settle for a mysterious and presumably criminal man whom they found in their cell in Canto Bight.

Not only do they trust him with sneaking onto the First Order ship, they also allow him to learn critical pieces of the Resistance's plan, including Holdo's escape shuttle plan. DJ naturally sells them out to the First Order, and sings like a bird.

The Rose and Finn sequences also highlight the incredible skills of BB-8, who disarms guards on Canto Bight, helps to steal a ship, and even hotwires an AT-ST. It makes you wonder if he could have opened the blast door just as easily as DJ.

The First Order

The Last Jedi was the First Order's fight to lose, and somehow, despite leaving the Resistance in shambles, they still lost. The fact that the First Order did not completely destroy the Resistance is a testament to how deeply they messed up. The Resistance had few resources and few options, and it seemed as though the First Order, with their seemingly infinite ships, walkers, and Death Star-inspired weapons should have won within the opening moments of the film.

Instead, the in-fighting between Snoke, Hux, and Kylo Ren fractured the First Order. Hux is sneering and quibbling leader who becomes little more than a punching bag for Snoke and then Kylo Ren. Snoke's hubris makes him believe that he knows how Kylo Ren will act - a mistake that he pays for with his life. Kylo Ren had a chance at redemption, but chose to become the new Supreme Leader of the First Order. However, becoming Supreme Leader didn't help Kylo Ren become more clear-headed. Not only does he fail to turn Rey to the dark side, but he allows her to escape and facilitate an evacuation of the Resistance forces.

When Kylo Ren is faced with his old master, Luke Skywalker, he becomes blind with rage. Luke knows this, and uses this to his advantage, allowing the Resistance forces to escape. At first, Kylo Ren has General Hux fire everything the First Order has at Luke Skywalker. When Luke is left standing, Kylo Ren doesn't realize that this is a hoax, but instead decides to face off with his old master in one-on-one combat as the First Order watches.

Snoke's pride leads to his death, and Kylo Ren's pride leads to the Resistance surviving. The First Order has only themselves to blame. At the end of The Last Jedi, the question isn't who made bad decisions - it's who made the worst decisions.

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